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    Bell super 2R

    Hi So I've just signed up for my first race, the gravity enduro at Buller next month, and noticed that it's a full face helmet event. Looked around and narrowed it down between a Met Parachute and Bell 2R with a slight favor towards the Bell. My only concern is the Bell isn't approved for...
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    Mt Buller

    Heading up to Buller tomorrow with plans to do four runs down to Mirimbah. Unfortunately I missed out on the first shuttle up at 9.00am (I like to leave the car down the bottom so I can end the day on a high) due to it being booked out. So I was just wondering if there was anyone heading up...
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    A brief history of my time.

    As promised in my newbie thread, here is the pictorial of the last 12 months of bike ownership. We'll start with my first serious (for me) mountain bike, the Polygon AX3. Such a sweet bike and very hard to let go. After the Stonefly episode, a 29er, not a...
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    12 month lurker, first time poster!

    Hello from Melbourne. I'm 42 years young and thoroughly enjoying my biking comeback. The comeback started last year when I bought a bike of this very forum, a Polygon AX3 (cheers Bighair). Absolutely awesome bike, took it everywhere. Then I rode Stonefly. Wow, near death experience. Was it me...