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    QLD Deore Calipers

    Yep still available. These are deore BR-M6000 calipers with pads in them. Just send me your address and I will send down.
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    Shock travel

    Just the Cube: From peoples comments it sounds promising.
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    Shock travel

    Yep just stroke. Thanks for that.
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    Shock travel

    Yep eye to eye is the same.
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    Shock travel

    I have a shock with 52.5mm stroke. I have found a DPX2 with a 55mm stroke. Can I reduce the stroke easy enough with a spacer? Or put an offset bushing in? Or dont bother? What you think?
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    Last noob question. Is the Polygon Siskiu T8 worth it over the T7?

    If tyres are affecting your confidence then just change them out. I still use DHR2 on the back and love it but found that the DHF would hit a point when trying to corner where it would become vague and slip out. The Wild Enduro on front is slower rolling but with no vagueness.
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    NSW Project bike,single pivot DH or prophet, large

    I think his next challenge is to beat that speed but uphill on an ebike.
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    Last noob question. Is the Polygon Siskiu T8 worth it over the T7?

    Or save some money and just get better tyres for cheaper with Michelin Wild Enduros from CRC.
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    STOLEN Vic 3121 Richmond - 2016 Rocky Mountain Vertex 990 RSL 29er Carbon Hardtail

    Really sucks mate, hope you get it back. Seems like there has been a big rise in bike thefts lately.
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    GX Eagle - shitty shifting solved!!

    I’ve said it before but my 10sp Xt felt so much nicer than 11p xt.
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    First Dually Question

    I will second this. Are you racing XC? If not and it's just for a casual weekend ride then get something more relaxed and comfy like a Trance.
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    Bearing Grease?

    Yep I already have the non-teflon one of that as well. Just wasn't sure if I should re-pack bearings with it.
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    Bearing Grease?

    Isn’t tf2 lithium grease?
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    Bearing Grease?

    Thanks for that. I will checkout supercheap today some time and see what they have.
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    Bearing Grease?

    I want to repack by suspension bearings - What grease should I put in them? I've got some lithium but not sure if it's correct and wasn't sure if there are bunnings/supercheap options. Thanks Michael
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    Wanted - fox proframe or tld stage - medium - found / sold

    There was a massive sale on them at pushys or mtbd a couple of months ago. I would look there first if you havent.
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    2019 Enduro World Series

    For those that don't know, it's pretty cut and dry. Richie drank out of Jareds bottle causing him to return a positive reading through no fault of his own. It was a simple mistake and whats happened has happened that's why he only got a short 8 month ban. This is yet to come out but it turns out...
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    It's a bird! it's a plane! It's a Bird Bird Aeris AM9!

    Noice. I have a fear of cutting things down from their stock length too.
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    Bargain buys thread

    Awesome bike for the price. If it was a large I would have done it.
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    Sick Bicycle Co. Deathwish

    Possible, but from what I have read about them I doubt it.