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    Sold 2015 Giant Trance 2 - Large - $1000

    Item: 2015 Gaint Trance 2 Changed from stock: ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips Race Face Turbine Cinch Direct Mount Chainset + Race Face 36T chainring Medium Cage Shimano XT M786 derailleur 11-36t, Shimano XT M771 10 Speed MTB Cassette...
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    2011 Giant Reign BB71 questions

    Im looking to buy a new reign soon but with the addition of the larger range 10speed cassette have been thinking about switching out the crankset to a single chainring crank. I've had my eyes on the Sram Stylo 1.1 but have recently noticed that the new reign is using a press-fit "bb71 powercore"...
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    NSW Glory DH0 / Medium / Fox40's - SOLD!

    Item: Giant Glory DH0, medium Location: Wollongong, NSW Item Condition: Usual scratches but mechanically its great :). Rear wheel has 2 dents in it that dont effect riding (tubeless tyres still seal perfectly), see photos for everything else. Reason for selling: Need the money and its not...
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    Possums/Corrimal Mine for sale!

    Stumbled across an interesting piece of land for sale on the interwebs today.. Apparently the corrimal mine has been rezoned and is being sold, so if there's any mega rich mountain bikers around the area, now's the time. :D...
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    NSW Sold

    Item: Straitline Levers (codes) Colour: xray Location:Wollongong Item Condition:Great - Tiny scratches, look brand new. Reason for selling:Surplus Price and price conditions:Sold Pictures:
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    NSW Sold

    Item: 2008 Avid Codes Calipers/Hoses Only Location: Wollongong Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Surplus Price and price conditions: $125 Sold Extra Info: $80 worth of brand new brake pads included, never used. Pictures:
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    Proper tyre weights

    Ok, ive been trying to work out the weights of a couple of different tyres im looking to buy but im getting conflicting weights from various sources. Does anyone have reliable 100% weights for the different variations of high roller(2.35) and minion(2.5) tyres. Mainly after, HighRoller...
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    Headset advice

    Ok i need a new headset for a Giant reign xo, never bought a new headset before and im wondering what the difference is. As far as i know its just 2 cups and bearings, so im not sure why the price varies from $50 to $300? Is it just durability and weight or is there more to it and can anyone...
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    Fox 40 knocking sound, please help!

    Basically, half way through the travel there is a knocking sound coming from the forks (09 fox40's, brand new). I've tried to read up on the forks as much as i can and the only thing i've found is that it could be the spring in the left leg hitting the inside of the fork. If anyone could...
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    Titanium TEMPLATE

    I was given trading access and already I've forgotten all about using a template!
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    Orange 224 axles

    Im trying to find somewhere to buy a 224 axle for my glory, anyone know if theres somewhere in Australia that sells them or will i have to buy it directly from Orange and get it shipped over? Thanks.
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    Item: 2005 Specialized P3 Stock Sherman Firefly's Funn stem Deity bars DT Swiss EX1750 wheels Shimano Saint cranks and brakes Crankbrothers 5050 pedals MRP chainguide/E13 chainring (they get along surprisingly well) Shimano XT derailler, shifter Location: Wollongong Item Condition...
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    A does anyone know this song thread? PLEASE help! Ive emailed freecaster and asked them already but they dont seem to know, so if anyone has any clue about the song in the clip, itd be very much appreciated.
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    Live chat

    With the all WC events being streamed live again this year, like right now for Maribor, instead of a 'live' discussion thread we should have a chat box. Could even have it under the embedded video cast of the race. Just a quick thought.
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    MTB Movie 'Tours'

    Is there a new trend with mtb movies to take them on a tour for months on end and therefor make everyone wait so much longer for the dvd? For example, Seasons has started its 'world tour' but the dvd is only estimated to come out mid to late May, while F1rst has also started its tour i think...
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    Delete me please!

    Item: 2005 Specialized P3 Frame, Long + Sherman Firefly forks and headseat, Saint crankset/BB, MRP chainguide Location: Wollongong/Sydney Item Condition: Great, forks just been serviced, couple of usual scratches but you have to look hard to find them. Reason for selling: Going back to a...
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    Where to buy IH frames? And need some bike choice help.

    Im trying to find somewhere to buy an Ironhorse 6point frameset or just some prices. Any help would be mucho appreciated. While I'm here, what would people recommend between a IH 6/7point, Giant x0, Specialized sx-t or SC nomad, im looking for... i guess an aggressive all mountain bike...
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    Delete please
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    My Angelic P3

    I'd been trying to track down a '05 P3 frame for quite a while, finally got one late last year and got to work building her up with my, close to, dream spec. After a whole lot of problems went for my first ride yesterday and went snap happy today. :D Spec: 2005 Specialized P3 Stock Sherman...
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    Urgent question - Shimano XT brakes...

    Hi, Im trying to get some stuff in before xmas including some xt brakes, but there are 2 types, the m765 and m775 and i cant find out anywhere what the difference is. Any help would be great. Thanks, Maris.