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    Broken hub axle

    This is the most random thing. I have a shimano FH-MT510-B rear hub and the hub axle broke. Not the axle but the hub axle shown here. It broke at the little pip just before the thread. I have been told that shimano don't stock the replacement kit for it and also dont stock the hub as its a...
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    Tyres and Kneepads

    2 questions I had a small crash. Front tyre washed out and wasn't too bad as I landed on my left knee and hands but the knee pad just pulled straight down and I cut my knee up anyway. I suppose it could have been worse but is it normal for pads to do this? Any recommendations of better ones...
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    Bike Tracking - Airtag

    Anyone going to tag and track their bike? Apparently you can disable the onboard speaker/beeper. Thoughts?
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    QLD SOLD Mostly Free Brisbane Pickup

    Most stuff is free to pickup. Am in the Hendra area. Whoever can pickup first gets it. Item: Bike Rack Item Condition: little bit rusty Price and price conditions: Free Extra Info: Spiders included Pictures: Item: Fluid Bike Item Condition: Little rough but shifts and brakes okay. Price and...
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    Tubeless Thoughts

    Got tubeless setup with a near new EXO+ DHR 2 on the rear. Right on the lip of the bead it has a 3mm long puncture which Stans just wont seal properly. It pumps up well and holds air but during riding its losing pressure. I've been through a tube on each of the last 3 rides. Is it new tyre...
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    Coil shock upgrade

    I’m looking at getting a 205x65 marz bomber cr coil for my e160 to replace RockShox super deluxe. Was planning to get a cane creek progressive coil too. What do I need to know to order the correct one? There seems to be 2 different diameters and I’m not sure if the coil length matters. It’s...
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    LOST Merida E160 Battery Cover

    Lost mine today at Gap Creek. If anyone sees it let me know.
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    Tool Capsule

    I haven't been one to take many tools with me while riding and thought I should do something about it. I carry a camelbak but it's too small to carry much apart from the bladder. So I bought one of these soft giant tool capsules that sit in the water bottle mount. It can carry a fair bit but I...
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    Gap Creek New Trail

    Just saw that the new trail at Gap Creek has been shut down due to injuries. Got to ride it a few times when it was just open and it was pretty fast so I can understand shutting it down but it was also one of the best trails I have ridden around here. Oh well, thanks to the dudes that made it.
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    My eyes are watering heaps with the cool wind at the moment when out riding. Looking to get some clear glasses but they seem pretty expensive for what they are. Anyone got recommendations? Thanks MAS
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    Replacement Fork Time - ebike edition

    I've got the new Merida eone sixty limited edition (number 34,265,234,889 of 10 billion). It came with the Rockshox Gold 35, 29", with 160mm travel out front and I want to upgrade it. There seems to be sooooo many variations of these things and every year model review makes it sound like the...
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    QLD 28mm socket, offset bushing

    Location: Brisbane, Hendra. Item Condition: All have been used Reason for selling: No longer have fox forks Item: 28mm chamferless hex socket Item Condition: Just a standard socket thats been machined flat Price and price conditions: $10 Item: Offset bushing 22.4 wide x12.7 diameter with 8mm...
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    All the colours of the rainbow *ebike warning*

    Just got an early birthday present from my beautiful wife. Took it for a short ride at Nerang and it was awesome. Full proper test ride tomorrow. The plastic pedals it comes with were surprisingly grippy, the rear brake is 2 piston for some reason, and I reckon the fork will need replacing in...
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    LOST 2020 Giant Reign Advanced

    Dylan Fitzgerald on Facebook left their bike at Gap Creek this arvo. Hopefully a mtber picked it up and can deliver it back safe and sound. Let me know if you need to find him.
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    Fox 34 seal driver brisbane

    Has anyone got one in Brisbane I could borrow for a week or 2 or even buy off? Any alternative suggestions to using the driver?
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    Suspension Pivot bolts

    Do you put anything like loctite on the threads of suspension pivot your when you torque them up?
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    One mtb an e-mtb?

    A question for those who have an e-mtb. Is it the only mtb you have? and if not, then after you got your e-mtb how much do you ride your normal mtb? Here's why - It's my 40th this year and I love the idea of getting an ebike. It means during the week I can ride my commuter to work and on the...
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    Broken spoken

    Had a spoke replaced a couple of months ago and wheel trued. Just had 2 spokes go again today. Anyone recommend a wheel fixer in Brisbane? I am about 90kg all kitted up. Are the odds I will keep breaking spokes and should completely replace the wheel?
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    Car problems, need advice

    Both my cars, 2006 swift and 2012 cx5, within a week of each other are running really jumpy/lumpy at low revs and warming up. We pretty much always use the same servo and I suspect dodgy fuel. The swift got a bit better with one of those octane boosts chucked in and we did the same to the cx5. I...
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    Bike stuff USA and Poland

    I have family in USA and work mates in Poland. Is it worthwhile buying anything there and shipping it back? e.g. are frames, forks, shocks cheaper? Shipping from Poland would probably be free in a container