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    QLD Sold

    Sold... someone got a bargain! Item: Nicolai G15 (Geometron) Large Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Funding new road bike Price and price conditions: $3500 $2900 $2800 frame and EXT Storia shock Extra Info: What?! This much Geometron and boutique shock for...
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    AM Mojo Geometron G15

    Hi 'Burners I was looking for a new rig and had demo'd some of the new carbon wonders, but wondered if I was missing something. I was also a little tired of getting ever increasing prices from the LBS and thought it might be fun to build my own. I got a little bit inspired by Zaf and Datnat and...
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    Derby EWS - accommodation options?

    Hi all. So... I'm doing the EWS80 this year, so same weekend as the big boys. Of course much of the accommodation is booked out already, so after thoughts about other options or recommendations over 29-31 March. Or anyone heading down that is looking for a travel buddy or has a place booked and...
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    QLD Sold

    Item: Intense Primer 2017 frame (Large) + Reverb + wheels Location: Brisbane southside Item Condition: Very good. Has been covered in 3M tape from new. Some minor scratches and chips – I can email hi-res photos of these if required. Reason for selling: Love this bike, but I’ve realized I need...
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    QLD Sold

    Sold, thanks RB! Item: Giant Trance Advanced (XL) 2016 Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Very good. Some minor scratches and paint chips as with normal use. I’ve tried to capture these in the photos best I can. Reason for selling: New bike on order Price and price conditions...
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    New bike issues - what next?

    Hi all As per the title, just wondering what experience people have had with a new bike that's had issues. So here's the story: bought a new relatively high end (Carbon with XT build) from major bike shop. After first ride had to return to shop to fix faulty rear axle. Replaced without...
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    QLD Sold

    Item: SLX M660 front mech, shifter, and two nine speed clusters, and chain Location: Brisbane southside Item Condition: All used but GC Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Price and price conditions: $30 for the lot Extra Info: Will separate if required, but prefer group lot. One...
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    QLD Sold

    Item: SRAM Centreline rotors, 170mm and 160mm Location: Brisbane southside Item Condition: Six months old, but straight and in good condition. Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Price and price conditions: $30 each Extra Info: OEM on a 2015 Giant Trance Advanced Pictures...
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    QLD Sold

    Sold - thanks RB!
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    QLD sold

    sold, cheers RB
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    QLD Sold! Thanks RB

    Sold! Thanks Moggio, you have been a pleasure to deal with.
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    QLD Sold!

    Sold, thanks RB. Item: 26” Mavic Crossmax SX, 20mm front axle, 135mm QR rear Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Good, no dings, rims straight. Probably due for bearings as they are still original. Reason for selling: Cleaning up - last bike was 29, new bike is 27.5… Price and price...
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    QLD Sold

    Another item sold, thanks RB!
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    QLD SOLD! Thanks RB.

    ***sale pending*** Item: Niner Jet 9 Carbon RDO, large, 2013 - $2250 Location: Brisbane QLD Item Condition: Used, bought at the start of 2014 as a low use demo bike, has only been used for local trails and commuting. Some scratches and chips, nothing structural, normal usage wear and...
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    QLD Sold!

    SOLD! Item: Lapierre Zesty 914 frame Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Excellent, half a dozen rides old. Barely a mark on her. Reason for selling: Not enough use! Price and price conditions: $1850 for the frame and shock Extra Info: Frame was a warranty replacement for my 2012 714...
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    QLD Sold pls delete

    Sold, thanks RB! Item: 2012/13 Lapierre Zesty carbon 714/914 (Large) Location: Brisbane southside I have for sale my beautiful Zesty. It’s a bit of a hybrid as it has the 2013 Zesty 914 frame, but all parts are from a 2012 Zesty 714 (frame was a warranty replacement). The 914 is the top...
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    QLD Sold!

    ***Sold! Thanks Rotorburn, please delete***
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    QLD Sold

    Item: 2010 Giant Glory 01 (Large) Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Good – some of the usual shuttle scratches, but has had 3M black tape on it since brand new, and care has been taken wherever possible. Some of the paint has scratched off on the down tube where it sits in the shuttle...
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    QLD Sold! Please delete

    ***sale pending*** Item: 2011 Santa Cruz Nickel (Large) $2300 complete! Location: Brisbane, will send interstate at buyers expense. Inspection or test rides welcome. Item Condition: Excellent, frame has no dings or cracks, very minor scratches from general riding. Bike has only done...
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    QLD Sold! Pls delete.

    Item: Crank Brothers Joplin 3 adjustable seatpost 31.6mm (lever actuated) Location: Brisbane Item Condition: VGC Reason for selling: Sold the frame this post fitted – 31.6 doesn’t go into 30.9! Price and price conditions: $65 posted. Extra Info: 75mm (3 inch) travel, weight 461g...