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    Prototype Yeti DH bike

    Jared Graves just posted photos of this looks pretty awesome to me
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    VIC sold

    brakes now sold
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    does any one have the youyangs vss results?

    does any one have the youyangs vss results? particularly sport. thanks
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    2009 marzocchi 888 rcv or 2010 boxxer races?

    Is it worth replacing 2009 marzocchi 888 rcv with 2010 boxxer races?
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    who has the best picture of thredbo?

    i went up to thredbo the other week and got some pretty got pics. lets see what all you Farkiners have to offer;)
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    prices for the upcoming 2010 boxxers

    anyone got any idea of how much the new boxxers are going to cost?
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    tramp bike pics

    i thought it would be cool to see what tricks people can do on their tramp bikes.
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    barjarg pics

    hey every one. I was wondering if people could post pics of any barjarg races. videos would also help. im trying to get an idea of the track for this weekend. thanks
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    What should i choose? need tech help!

    hey, i was wondering whether or not i should sell my giant faith and buy a 2008 or 2009 kona stab deluxe, or should i keep the faith and spend 1 - 1.5 grand up grading it?