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    Scott 25 Hour - 2013

    I will be down there on friday helping Russ and the guys set up. Then out on the track sat/sunday as track sweep. looking forward to seeing you guys out there racing. :hail:
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    Blue Mountain Downhill Riders.

    from what I've heard its not as good as chicken run, but that will change. but at least its legal.
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    MTB Orienteering - New South Wales

    Mtbo I've been away from this for to long, want to get back into it next year. been spending this year working on my fitness, plus not having a car sucks as some of the places they ride are fantastic. some piccies of one location just past suttons forest Servo.
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    Flash Bike slow rider!

    me lol. heh after years of suffering i was able to afford some nice bikes, all in the 2.5k - 3.5k class, GF Cake, speccy enduro. sadly those two where stolen. purchased a roady..and didn't like riding a roady. sat for a while then the bike of my dreams came up at a price I could afford. a...
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    compulsory items at enduro events.

    Good Samaritan Act This is why they have the good samaritan act, so that you can't be sued for stopping and rendering first aid.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    new bike and OMV Took my new (second hand 2011 merida 96 team carbon) bike to check out Old Man Valley. seems to be a success withe the number of people I saw riding of bikes of all types. sadly my confidence and fitness don't match the bike yet so took it slow but it was fun, now have...
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    Official Old Mans Valley MTB Park - Hornsby

    Rode today Went and checked it out today, sadly both my skillz and fitness weren't very high but still enjoyed it..even the slow fall on one corner lol. gratz to the guys for a great track and I'll be coming up more often to enjoy the ride.
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    Future World Solo 24 Hour MTB CHampionships

    My point of view on this matter. 24HOA have done a great job thus far trying to set up a common 24hr world championship. Let down from peoples comments by planning issues. Having never run an endurance event I wouldn't have the foggiest what goes into it, but suspect its a lot. CORC have...
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    Future World Solo 24 Hour MTB CHampionships

    Wow nice to see that someone is stepping up to the plate and putting down a long term plan for a WSC gratz to CORC for having a go at this, after last years event I don't think they will have any problems convincing elite rides to come to their events. not sure how the 24 hours of adreneline...
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    Finally Free

    no pedals means yes you buy your own. this is standard as everyone has a different idea of what type of pedal and company they prefer. Have a look around and find a bike that you are comfortable riding. Also keep in mind after sales support some shops have great support some don't. are you...
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    2010 World Solo 24 Hour Championships

    The shorts I ordered from the states, the online pic showed normal knee length shorts the ones that arrived weren't the chest hair was surprisingly warm. I was forced to start my lap earlier than expected due to a mechanical with one of the other riders and I was wearing my night ride shirt...
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    2010 World Solo 24 Hour Championships

    if you want a giggle look up 6770 on the sportograf photos. yes that was me!
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    SCOTT 24 hour 2010

    Ah, I was on the other side, the cotter road entrance...
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    SCOTT 24 hour 2010

    the lock wasn't broken, mullet opened the back gate after the sweeps finished the course and officially closed the race, about 1410 to allow people out. the official brief said 4pm but talking to him at 1330 they had sent the sweeps out at 1230 to make sure all riders where in, once that was...
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    National Parks trail access: Have your say

    I went to the turramurra one thursday, sorry i haven't posted anything but left for stromlo early friday for the scotts. firstly lots of positive feedback for xc and am which seems to be their thrust. no new trails to go in, modify existing illegal tracks to make them legal seems their...
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    SCOTT 24 hour 2010

    from the course director mullet. for stromlo 36psi is the best pressure to run.
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    SCOTT 24 hour 2010

    I had a lot of fun. ended up helping the rest of the team by walking with that to the transition area and talking to them and talking their jackets back to camp. And chatting to other racers waiting it was great fun. Most touching moment for me was after my team left I was standing at...
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    2010 World Solo 24 Hour Championships

    from the guys at the start of the little bike path before holdens creek (the ones with the camo marque if you noticed. I watched you guys most of the race and I have to say you're all winners to finish this. even at 4 in the morning you sounded fresh and I'm sure my words of encouragement and...
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    SCOTT 24 hour 2010

    I only did one lap :( 3 hrs 41 mins official race time. 630pm to 1010pm at least the rest of the team had a good sleep :) anyone on the course that time would recognize me as i was riding without a top on as i was seriously overheating. still fun though though not as bad as the mankini...
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    2010 World Solo 24 Hour Championships

    Bruce stadium is out near belconnen and the AIS, opposite side of canberra to the airport