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  1. THE Manik Man

    2012 Trek slash 160mm goodness
  2. THE Manik Man

    Ourimbah race day

    Here's my photos from Sunday, sorry if i missed you i accidentally deleted 150 photos:mad:
  3. THE Manik Man

    Just seen this in the thredbo pics. Neil has his website up and running. I think deserves a special mention because of neil's efforts to get photo's of us riders at every round. He came to thredbo even though his son is out injured and hiked up and down the track with a backpack weighing about...
  4. THE Manik Man

    Spectators on tracks

    As many of us did i to waited impatiently for the start of the last round only to find it was delayed, here is the spectator get a touch to close I thought i would post to get people thoughts on these types of accidents ive broken a scaphiod this...
  5. THE Manik Man

    2009 ironhorse sunday

    Found these on RM
  6. THE Manik Man

    What Grease

    Question for the bike / home mechanics, what is a good all round grease to have that will suit most MTB applications and where is the best place to source it from. Cheers in advance
  7. THE Manik Man

    AWABA 29/6/08 !!!!A & B grades only!!!!

    Here's a few, got most people so im sorry in advance if your on of the few i missed. all images here PM if you want a hi res version Jacob
  8. THE Manik Man

    World Champs at Val di Sole ITA

    Does anyone know what the world champs DH track is like. i.e. is it going to be steep and technical and suit Sam Hill or is it going to be pedally and suit the syndicate. Also posted by squidly in the press releases "The team heads to Pila to prepare the new bikes for the World...
  9. THE Manik Man

    One DH one FR pic

    Just some pics i had on the computer
  10. THE Manik Man

    Burgtec - Aussie distributers????

    Does anyone know who the distributer for burgtec is, any shops that carry there stock or is it easier just to go through CRC Cheers
  11. THE Manik Man

    Hubs for DH

    After having a new bike for a few months ive had to constantly pull the rear wheel apart and clean out the rear hub body so it actually spins and ive had enough. Im no pro rider so weights not going to worry me too much, just looking for a good reliable set of hubs in a reasonable price range...
  12. THE Manik Man

    3m clear

    Hi Guys, Recently pick up my new steed and i am thinking of wrapping it in some 3m clear in the areas most prone to scratches. Im not new to the downhill seen but to progress from where im at, i think ill be eating it a few times hence this is why im looking at this option. Any one got any...
  13. THE Manik Man

    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    Hi, I have noticed around the traps particulary at races that there are some exceptional trailer designs round the place, the crew i currently ride with is growing and a 2nd trailer is going to be needed, so before i go cutting & welding one up id thought id check out what everyone else is...
  14. THE Manik Man

    Beginner Freeride tracks around newcastle

    Hi just just started to get into DH/FR and wanted to no if theres any good beginner FR tracks around Newcastle, mostly just drops and jumps to break me in without breaking my neck. Cheers Jacob
  15. THE Manik Man

    2006 Norco Shore 3

    Hi guys just pick this beast up from the bike shed the other day, wasn't going to upgrade yet as im only just getting into the sport but for a brand new bike for the price i couldn't resist Frame: 6061 Aluminum, 7.5" Travel Fork: Marzocchi Drop Off Triple QR 20 Shock: Fox DHX-3 Sizes: L...