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  1. Doggy

    Gardening gurus.....

    Righto Short version - gardens need revamping, little help here Long version - Im tired of my current gardens around my pool and fences and such and am looking at redoing them. Basically I want to keep the established plants as there are a quite a few nice natives and bigger trees and I have...
  2. Doggy

    Dump Run this weekend

    Just a heads up to anyone doing runs of Dump run this sat and sun. We will be doing an SES vertical rescue course on the cliffs off to the right hand side of the track (down around the section with the big bastard rock you can roll/drop off) from lunch time Sat till 9pm sat night and then all...
  3. Doggy

    Old Tambo 17/11

    just a few shots from Sunday at Old Tambo....Forking around with new camera and flashes and our lack of riding ability. Had to shrink them down a wee wack, ...forgot to do it on the camera
  4. Doggy

    Anyone a Paramedic or an Ambo....or work for QAS

    The time has come for me to contemplate a career change. 7 or so years of being a sparky is beginning to get to me. The thought of being an ambo has appealed to me for a while and now I am semi seriously contemplating it. Anyone here had or still has any experience with the ambo's as a...
  5. Doggy

    Building pump tracks on sloped land

    In the not too distant future my wife and I could be getting 2 acres and building a house on it and the thought struck me that I could use the dirt moved during construction and use it to build a pump track that we would both like to have. So in theory, getting the dirt isn't really an issue...
  6. Doggy

    Royal Racing frames

    While wandering the streets around my work this arvo all in the aid of killing some time I came upon a hock shop that had a single speed, rigid Royal racing jump/street bike. This thing had dice( I think) hydraulic rear and cable front discs, odessy pedals, kore stem and a dmr seat. It wasnt...
  7. Doggy

    Mackay riders??

    It looks as though I will be on my way to Mackay for a few weeks with work in the not too distant future. Taking my Atomik up to while away the time. What tracks are relatively close to town??. Im workin on the refurb of the Child services building so presumably Im staying near that (wherever...
  8. Doggy

    Spring size vs weight

    I have just picked myself up a new Norco Atomik and it came with a 500 x 2.5 rear spring. I knew this would be too soft for my weight so I was expecting to buy a different spring. The question being, what weight spring for my weight. Im not exactly the smallest and 6"2 and 95kgs so I was...
  9. Doggy

    Drifting it properly

    As the title suggests, how does one drift through a corner without losing too much speed and maintaining control. I can drift through corners alright at the moment but I always feel like Im about to just slide out completely and lose it. I starting to get the hang of it more now as in Im not...
  10. Doggy

    iTunes guru's save me

    My mum and dad bought me a $50 iTunes voucher for my birthday. They were under the impression that my Iriver would work with iTunes so they got the voucher for me. Is there anyway I can drag the downloaded music from iTunes into media player for the Iriver or will my Iriver work with iTunes?? I...
  11. Doggy

    Mongoose Black Diamond Singles

    I have been looking at the BD single or double as another bike to my Sasquatch. Looking for a dually that will be able to handle our downhill trails but still be able to ride all day around other trails....most importantly not going to cost me an arm and a leg. The BD seems to fit bill...
  12. Doggy

    Riding in New Zealand

    Im keen to head over the pond to NZ next year in summer for a week or two of riding. Flights are easy sorted as dad works for QANTAS so thats easy to organise but all the rest I havent as yet got a clue about. I would hire a bike but take my own gear, but other then that I dont know. I guessing...
  13. Doggy

    Which is the bottom bracket for me??

    Guys, Im chasing a new BB for my 05 sasquatch as the existing one is developing a nice squeak and crunch and so on. Im 90kgs and ride the bike fairly hard so I would rather have a strongish BB that could withstand a flogging.Who has been happy with what BB and what sorta prices am I looking at...
  14. Doggy

    Another stair huck to splat

    Frickin ouch:eek: ....he doesnt seem to be moving too much down the bottom, not even a random twitch
  15. Doggy

    Who wakeboards and whats your boat??

    Seeing how its starting to get a bit chilly for wakeboarding now I figured I'd see who else has a run and what boat/ gear they have. We have a crew of about 5-8 of us that come out in my crazy little boat. Its a 12ft Pride Cheetah with a 140hp yammi on the back of it, high pole and ski pole...
  16. Doggy

    Anyone near Anna Bay, NSW???

    Guys Im chasing the phone number for the new Samurai Beach camping ground. Its on Gan Gan Road, it is on the other side of the 4wd access to samurai beach to the Middle Rock tourist park. When I was last down there in June it wasnt quite open but I reckon it would be now. I have searched...