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    Geek help: D-Link routers, can 2 work together?

    Hope someone can help me! In my house we're running Optus cable 'net, the modem lives in the front corner of the house where it runs in to a router. A PC sits in the room running off the router, as does a long cable out to my room - diagonal opposite corner of the house. In my room is a 2nd...
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    Proposed MtnX-BMX facilities in Inner Sydney
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    Why geeks are awesome #2
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    A favour from the techy designer types

    Right now I'm working on a design of sorts, and have hit a brick wall. What I want is an infinity symbol done in bicycle chain, but it has to be perfect before I can use it. Since I'd think someone handy with design software could knock it up really easily, I'm asking here for some help. My...
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    Look what I found: if it ain't broke...

    Don't fix it! :p This ended up in our garage through whatever reason, I laid my claim on it months ago and now it's time to put it to good use. Reynolds 753 :cool: "Arrow" brand with Pedal Pushers stickers, NFI about its history though. It's close enough to my size, 55x56...
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    Watch this space #2

    Who wants a box when you can have 100+ boxes ;)
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    Catering advice - salads

    I'm stuck with the task of catering for a music gig, we're doing a barbeque and I'd like to offer just a little bit more than the usual sawdust sausage on cheap bread. A potato salad is the way to go, and whilst I usually take pride in my cooking and can do a ripper of a potato salad, it's...
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    Geek help please: fonts, I need one

    A plea 'cause I'm low on time to thoroughly search. There's a font I need called "Poor Richard", 2 people are adamant it's a standard font yet my XPsp2 doesn't have it. It's the font used on this flyer to list the artist names. If you have the font on your computer, would you please be able...
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    Riks self indulgent music thread (warning, chin stroking music snob inside)

    Something I've been meaning to do for a while, consolidate a lot of my bullshit about wacky alternative music in to one thread, also copying many of the gig listings I post on other forums. You're going to get an insight in to a world full of twisted sounds :) First up, because it's late and...
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    A to Z of Sydney suburbs, just an idea for now

    Work cooked my brain today (too damn hot in the roof space), and to keep myself sane this idea brewed: Doing a ride covering A to Z of Sydney suburbs, as a social-orientated street ride (ie, moderate pace, SS/fixed friendly). Starting somewhere central such as the city, and cruising here and...
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    Did anyone see Linkin Park in Sydney last night?

    If so, did you get the "come again" code? And could you share that with us please :cool: Ticketmaster are selling tonights gig for $50 if you have that code, as far as I'm aware it'll be generic not unique, and you'd do us all a favour as seeing Cornell would be worth that alone. As for...
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    Who or what is Sub9? (Phantom Cycles, I'm looking at you)

    Instead of doing the smart thing and emailing those responsible, I thought it'd be more fun to start a thread which can deviate in to all sorts of rumours and innuendo on its downward journey :D Did anyone else receive an email from It was just a "test" but I assume it was...
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    Where do I sign up for this?

    Australian doctors use vodka drip to save tourist SYDNEY (AFP) — Australian doctors revealed Wednesday that they drip-fed an Italian tourist a steady dose of vodka over three days to save his life after he poisoned himself. The 24-year-old man was taken to a north Queensland hospital two...
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    Advice on registering a Domain name wanted

    This is outside my scope of geekery, whilst I am well experienced with the basics of internerding going any further than forum whoring is beyond me. I need a domain name. I need it pretty fast too... a mate has offered me web space so that's sorted, but I need the name confirmed and operational...
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    How to Internet properly

    The internet is a wonderful tool, everyone uses it and having the power of information and communication at your fingertips should never be underestimated. Unfortunately it's obvious - especially modding a forum - that some things experienced interneters take for granted aren't really obvious...
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    The electronic music argument thread... bring it on

    I've created this thread to battle it out once and for all, to dispel some uneducated myths and make people think deeper about their opinions of music. To start with, here's a few pulled from another thread And there's always the "you just click buttons on a computer", "you only sample...
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    Daft Punk

    Are coming to Australia. Hype hype hype, blah blah blah... a couple of dudes wearing robot suits in a spaceship playing naff house music. Hey I'll see them for curiosities sake, but still. Before you go nuts about them touring, here's some education: Watch this And a few more: Breakwater -...
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    My Italian supercommuter. update 23/09/07: SNAP!

    A while ago my old blue and yellow GT cracked, such a shame but the bike did have a solid 10 years of work done on it... conveniently enough I discovered the crack when disassembling it to swap components on to a new frame. This frame was bought off Gripsport, me seeing it and thinking "oh...
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    Where would you rather your money spent?

    Inspired by reading two articles in the same newspaper, about spending taxpayer money. The first: And on another page, this: Cue heated debate... Long term infrastructure to benefit a single city in many ways vs. advertising to make us feel warm and fuzzy at night knowing we're safe...
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    PC geek help: booting from SATA pci card

    My poor computer's been playing up of late, and I'm almost definite it's the motherboards SATA driver crapping itself. So a cheap PCI SATA card was bought. Of course nothing's ever simple for me and just plugging in the SATA drive on which Windows XP is installed isn't going to get me anywhere...