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  1. chadly1084

    NSW !!SOLD!! Morewood Shova 130mm Travel, Reliable, Low Maintenance.

    Item: !!!SOLD!!! 2006 Morewood Shova 130mm Travel Rear, 140mm Travel Front. !!!SOLD!!!! Location: Newcastle NSW Item Condition: Used but good condition. Is a super rugged frame with plenty of life left in it. Not many frames built like this anymore. Reason for selling: New Bike...
  2. chadly1084

    NSW SOLD!!! Cheap! Sun Rims Rhyno Lite Wheelset

    Item: Wheelset 26" complete with tyres SOLD!!! Sun Rims Rhyno Lite rims laced to 135mm QR Shimano XT hub rear and no brand 20mm thru axle front. Includes the Michelin tyres 1xWild Rock'r 1xWild Race'r Location: Newcastle NSW Item Condition: Used, Good Condition, Run mostly true. Reason...
  3. chadly1084

    NSW Rear Wheel 135x10 QR - White Rim

    Item: Rear Wheel 135x10 QR with white Rim Location: Newcastle Price range/Willing to Pay: Around $100-150 depending Extra Info: Need the rim to be white so it matches my front wheel. Prefer to pick up wheels can be expensive to post
  4. chadly1084

    Mountain Bike Procrastination

    How often do spend procastinating looking at mountain bike forums, videos, pictures, news, etc and whether you think your time could be spent doing something else (Other than riding, i.e. studying for uni) that would be more beneficial to your life? Hope this one hasn't been done already...
  5. chadly1084

    Riding Tips with Fabien Barel

    I was meant to be studying for uni but somehow found myself watching these vids. Also then found myself practicing cornering on the road in between the rain showers until my foot slipped of the pedal, pedal then colided with my shin. There was claret everywhere so patched shin up and went back...
  6. chadly1084

    NSW Giant Anthem X2 2009 ~SOLD~

    Item: Giant Anthem X2 2009 SOLD PLEASE DELETE
  7. chadly1084

    NSW SOLD ~ Azionic Outlaw Wheelset 150mmX12mm Rear

    Item Azionic Outlaw Wheelset (White) Front 20mm, Rear 150mmx12mm Location: Newcastle, NSW Item Condition: Excellent rims run true, there is a Small dint on rear rim and a few scuff marks on both rims been used for 6 months probably once every second weekend still very good rims...
  8. chadly1084

    Ourimbah State Rd Vid

    Here is a quick vid of the state round at ourimba I put together this week, took footage on a gopro as well as small pocket camera. Let me know what you think.
  9. chadly1084

    FOX SHOX 350lb x 3.25 SPRING SOLD

    Item: SOLD Location: Newcastle, NSW, will post at buyers expense Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Price and price conditions: $50 + Postage Extra Info: Off 9.5 x 3.0 (length/travel), FOX DHX3 SHOCK Pictures: See attached
  10. chadly1084

    2007 Mongoose EC-D, SOLD

    Item: 2007 Mongoose EC-D Location: Newcastle, NSW Item Condition: The rims have a few small dints and cranks have rub marks otherwise excellent. Reason for selling: Spending Money For Holiday Price and Conditions: SOLD. Contact Details: Email -...
  11. chadly1084

    05 Mongoose Black Diamond **SOLD**

    Item: 2005 Mongoose Black Diamond Single Location: Newcastle, NSW Item Condition: Excellent Condition, a few of the usual scratches, 2 slight depressions on top tube from triples not being spaced correctly on first ride. Reason for selling: Bought and ECD. Price and price conditions: was...
  12. chadly1084

    Black Diamond single 2005 model

    Hey Guys this is my first decent bike that i have ever owned just picked it up today was so excited i thought i would share it with you guys. Just starting to get into downhill and free-riding. Comments Please. Spec is: Frame size: medium Forks: Marzochi Drop Off - Triple - NEW! Bar &...
  13. chadly1084

    Riding Tracks?? (After Storms)

    Just wondering if anyone has a heads up on the state of the riding areas after the storms in Newcastle and the central coast. I would figure that some of them may be littered with fallen trees etc?? where is still ok to ride???