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    VIC Sold

    Pics should be up now!
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    VIC Sold

    Item: 2014 Norco Sight 7.1 Alloy Medium. Location: Melbourne. Bayside area. Item Condition: Good. Usual trail scratches. Reason for selling: Priorities. Cash needed for another hobby. Price and price conditions: $1500. Pick up only. Cash in hand. Not really interested in shipping...
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    2016 Nomad - the beginning of a new era...

    Mint looking rig! I reckon the colours look great. But I do like some colour on my bikes :clap2:
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    VIC Sold- please remove

    Sadly not... Went a bit overboard on the honeymoon and it had to be sacrificed. Was by far the best bike I have ever owned though! Fond memories. Hopefully be back on the trails, all be it on a lesser bike in the near future.
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    VIC Sold- please remove

    Would buy this in a heartbeat if the budget was there! Sorry to hear you're not looking after Intense anymore mate. You did a great job with it. Good luck with the next gig!
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    AM DVO Tracer

    Thats just plain sex. With wheels. And the wheels are sex.
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    Easton wheelsets?

    Stans over Easton every day of the week! People I know have had plenty of issues with Easton. Proprietary spokes brake too often and can't be replaced as quickly or easily as on Stans and the rear hub engagement is crap.
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    2015 Banshee Rune

    That is a mint looking bike!
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    VIC Intense Tracer 275 Carbon Medium *SOLD*

    SOLD to a good home!
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    VIC Intense Tracer 275 Carbon Medium *SOLD*

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    VIC Intense Tracer 275 Carbon Medium *SOLD*

    NOT SOLD. Deal fell through so the bike is still for sale!
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    VIC Intense Tracer 275 Carbon Medium *SOLD*

    Sold. Pending payment.
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    VIC Intense Tracer 275 Carbon Medium *SOLD*

    Item: Intense Tracer 275 Carbon Medium - SOLD Location: Melbourne - Bayside Suburbs Item Condition: Excellent. Only built in late March and not used enough. Some minor shuttle rash on top tube. Spec- Frame: Tracer 275 Carbon, Medium, naked/red Shock: RockShox Monarch Plus RT3 Fork...
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    SCHWALBE TYRES MEGATHREAD: read this thread before posting new ones

    +1 for the above. SS Magic Mary Hans Dampf combo is plenty tough enough for most riding. I've found them to be great on very rocky trails. Just don't expect this to be a fast rolling combo. Cornering grip in spades but not fast rolling.
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    2x10 BB30 Cranks Recommendation

    I love the irony!
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    2x10 BB30 Cranks Recommendation have a read of this. They actually make a very good quality unit.
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    2x10 BB30 Cranks Recommendation

    Also, XO cranks are plenty strong/stiff/light. Have only heard of them breaking with DH use.
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    2x10 BB30 Cranks Recommendation

    You CAN use shimano XT 24mm cranks. You just need the right bottom bracket adaptor. I believe Praxis Works makes a BB that you can press into the PF30 shell and use shimano cranks.
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    Time for an update

    You can definitely reduce your pikes from 160mm to 140mm. I know someone who is going down to 130mm for a Santa Cruz Solo and I believe you can even get them as low as 120mm. All you need to do is change the air shaft accordingly. The part itself is worth about $50 and is available from Monza...
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    SC Bronson Carbon

    looks mint mate! very nice work!