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  1. stirk

    Man Space / Bike Shed Layout

    I have trees above my shed so it gets loads of crap coming in, if you have no trees it probably won't be too bad, just insects crawling in. You can get foam inserts to match the wall and roof sheets from the hardware which can help a little.
  2. stirk

    Man Space / Bike Shed Layout

    Nice one! Looks like a similar quality to mine. Is it all sealed up? I wish I had sealed the roof and floor of my shed before I filled it with crap. There are gaps too small for mice to get in but the insects/spiders/lizards can wiggle in and make a mess so I need to pull everything out this...
  3. stirk

    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    Personally I'm looking forward to going into the city office from next week. I miss the food available in the city, not so much the people and their BO.
  4. stirk

    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Haha and when it stops raining and the sun comes out you wish it will start raining again,!
  5. stirk

    Confessions from the fuckwits

    What brought me here? I'm riding my wife's stationary trainer with a large cushy saddle a few times a day rather than my mountain bike. I'll probably purchase a road bike next... I'll also confess for her, she bought this trainer at the start of Covid and has never used it!
  6. stirk

    Confessions from the fuckwits

    You get used to the tropics after a few months and it's not so bad when it's not dumping a metre of rain on you in a day like is does in Babinda where I lived.
  7. stirk

    The pet thread, post em up!

    Our new labbers is always in contact with her older cousin. I love the look on Figs face while the pups is wrestling her. It looks like she's asking for help!
  8. stirk

    Requests to have account deleted and posts removed

    Back on topic.....
  9. stirk

    The pet thread, post em up!

    Awe, so cute @Scotty675 Looks like a black labbers.
  10. stirk

    Little Things You Hate

    I hate parcel tracking anxiety!
  11. stirk

    Little Things You Hate

    I have the same weird wiring in my house. I think the original sparky had a mean sence of humour or was smoking the wacky weed when they designed the wiring. Even after 5 years living in this house I still don't know which 100 switches turns on each of the 25 globes.
  12. stirk

    Little Things You Hate

    Annette is a fucking idiot, even if it was a truck the fact they hit a cyclist means they were not paying attention or not allowing a safe passing distance or both. So unless the cyclist was suddenly attacked by a magpie or had a mechanical and swerved into the path of the oncoming automobile...
  13. stirk

    Bleeding cura 4s

    I've never heard of bleed screw removal as part of any bleed process including automotive.
  14. stirk

    The cooking thread

    If I'm looking for recipes and see Nagi has one up I'll always go there first. Doing a naan bread from her site this avro actually which turn out perfect.
  15. stirk

    What does your day look like?

    I have two big dogs, what is lawn again?
  16. stirk

    Funny stuff my kid says

    I made a desk for my daughter and it inevitably got drawn on. I've never paid attention to the scribble but saw this and cracked up.
  17. stirk

    Recommend me a new streaming service

    If it helps I got Prime for the shopping and then the streaming just for Picard. Now I struggle to find anything good from Prime. Disney + gets more use than any other service for me and the kids.
  18. stirk

    Funny stuff my kid says

    For us right now in lockdown us parents are the education system! The kids school just sent us a recognition award for home schooling efforts, now that made me laugh. I can relate to this.
  19. stirk

    The "I will ride _____km in 2021" thread - commit and conquer here!!

    Do indoor trainers do elevation now?
  20. stirk

    The QUICK question thread.....

    That's better than getting spawned by his dick pics. For context there is a thread about drawing on Herald Sun cover pages, was funny!