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  1. VTSS350

    Sold please removee

    Are these still forsale?
  2. VTSS350

    Cabbage Tree Downhill

    DH track, looks more like an AM or XC track. Your even riding it with single crown forks.
  3. VTSS350


    I have a brand new SDG Ibeam seat if you ever need one.
  4. VTSS350

    New SC V10 .6

    Not a lot of love for your photography skills!
  5. VTSS350

    New SC V10 .6

    Very nice bike mate, any idea on weight??
  6. VTSS350

    Light Bicycle Carbon Rims/Wheels (Review Included on 1st Post))

    I have a set of all mountain 27.5 LB wheels forsale. 142x12, XD driver and 15mm front. Hope ProII hubs all 10 months old if anyone is interested.
  7. VTSS350

    650b wheels wanted!! ( Sydney )

    I will have a set of Light Bicycles 650b AM rims on hope proIIs for sale in around a week or twos time. In almost perfect condition except for a scratch here or there. Can take photos if your interested??
  8. VTSS350

    Manly Dam....... WTF???

    The area the OP would most likely be talking about is the fire road decent from the parkway to the creek. What the OP needs to remember is that its a FIRE ROAD! Its there to help with bush fires and to allow back burning. Riding on it is allowed but riding is not the reason for the road. They...
  9. VTSS350

    Official Old Mans Valley MTB Park - Hornsby

    I totally agree! OMV and Manly Dam need daily updates on facebook and twitter when its closed. They need to help us help them. Sometimes I have been away for a few weeks and come back wanting a ride. If OMV has been closed for a week or two I have to trawl back through post after to post to...
  10. VTSS350

    Stans 27.5 tyre mounting

    Stans rims and some tyres can be a pain in the ass. I usually leave the tyre in the sun for a few hours to soften in. I also put a little bit of truck wash on the rim edge so it slips over easily.
  11. VTSS350

    Light Bicycle Carbon Rims/Wheels (Review Included on 1st Post))

    Totally agree, LB have the worst customer service ever!! I am really happy with there wheels but I would never buy off them again!!!! There are plenty of other company's offering carbon wheels. I will be trying someone else next time!!!
  12. VTSS350

    Light Bicycle Carbon Rims/Wheels (Review Included on 1st Post))

    You will find plenty of photos of broken 729s aswell!!!!! Everything breaks when pushed to its limits.
  13. VTSS350

    EXO or Snakeskin casing?

    I have won plenty of AM and DH races to prove otherwise!!! I never said it was a DH tyre!! As a trail tyre the Dampf on my Carbine lasted 4 rides before the side nobs were half ripped off. I did two rides at Old Mans Valley and two Oxford falls rides and they were shot! Not very good at all...
  14. VTSS350

    EXO or Snakeskin casing?

    Your not pushing them hard enough then! I have about 30 brand new tyres in my garage. From light weight XC tyres to DH tyres and everything in between. I have 3 bikes which get a lot of use. My downhill tyres last around 2-3 days of runs and then they are rubbish!! Hans Dampfs are one of the...
  15. VTSS350

    EXO or Snakeskin casing?

    When you push Hans Dampfs hard they are useless!! The squirm under cornering and braking and after two months (8 rides) the side nobs were half ripped off!!! I think they are one of the worst tyres I have used in a long time. I now have High Roller IIs and sure they are a little on the heavy...
  16. VTSS350

    Thoughts on Intense M9 geometry...

    Cant go wrong with an M9. I have won 2 Vets state champs and many other races on one!
  17. VTSS350

    Intense T275 Carbon Tracer

    Sounds like a good cookpit setup!
  18. VTSS350

    Intense T275 Carbon Tracer

    No, I got the medium and am really happy with the size! I am 5"11
  19. VTSS350

    Intense T275 Carbon Tracer

    Shit yeah, Will have to organise a ride this weekend!
  20. VTSS350

    Intense T275 Carbon Tracer

    I took it for a ride today and loved it. Pedals very similar to the carbine but the back is a lot stiffer. The Monarch is a huge upgrade from the CTD as well. It holds a line so well. Plus it looks bad ass, very impressed!