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  1. phillynight

    Recommendations on crankset upgrade

    Just wondering what recommendations for an upgraded crankset would be. Right now I am running a threaded 30 BB and am running Sammox cranks non-boost that are actually quite nice and sturdy but also a bit chonky. I've changed the cassette to different gearing and want to downsize the current...
  2. phillynight

    VIC WTB - Size small FS Enduro / All-Mountain

    Item: Enduro or Enduro-ish with 27.5 wheels, size small Location: Melbourne VIC Item Condition: Used but good condition Reason for selling: Wanting to buy Price and price conditions: Around the 2,000-3,500 range Extra Info: We are starting to shop for a size small enduro or all-mountain 27.5...
  3. phillynight

    VIC WTB: 26" MTB tires 2.25-2.4"

    Item: Looking for a good condition set of 26"x2.25 to 26"x2.4 tires for my gf's mtb Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: $20-60 Extra Info: Mostly local trail riding, she is running 2.1 right now and looking to go wider but she's not at the level of buying $150 worth of tires just yet
  4. phillynight

    Pass around the reamer 30.0 to 30.9

    I've recently bought an adjustable reamer and handle to ream a seat tube from 30.0 -> 30.9 and it all went really well. The tool works great and it just takes a bit of cutting fluid, a measuring caliper and some muscles to spin it like 200 times. I just passed on the reamer to @CHEWY and wanted...
  5. phillynight

    Reaming & Dropper internal routing plan

    I've reamed the seat tube finally so it's a more normal 30.9mm. The only issue I faced was the reamer was only long enough to ream down 19cm into the tube and I had trouble finding any kind of extension that I felt comfortable with it not falling off inside the seattube. In the one pic you can...
  6. phillynight

    Brake 203mm adapter sizing for Fox36+SRAM?

    I'm running a 2021 Fox 36 with SRAM G2RS brakes and a 203mm rotor. I did research and thought I got the right adapter (Shimano SM-MA-F203P/PM) but after starting the bed-in I notice the pads aren't using the full rotor patch. Am I using the wrong adapter or is this path of rotor usage 'normal'?
  7. phillynight

    Wanted: 30.9 seat post for test fitting

    Item: Any 30.9 seat post in ANY condition Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Any, the worse the better hahaha Price and price conditions: Don't want to spend a whole lot as it's just for test fitting while I am reaming a seat tube 30.0 > 30.9 I'm going to be reaming out the seat tube on a...
  8. phillynight

    Sold SOLD Box Three 9-speed chain (brand new)

    Item: Box Three 9-speed chain Location: Collingwood, VIC Item Condition: NEW Reason for selling: Went in a different direction on a build and don't need it anymore Price and price conditions: $15 - would prefer not to ship/post but if you want a quote I can get you one Extra Info: Ordered for a...
  9. phillynight

    VIC Wanted to buy list of parts for quick build

    I'm doing a build on a Bottlerocket v1 and want to get it up and running as soon as possible without blowing 3k on all new stuff so wanted to see if you have any of these parts laying around that I can help you clean out your garage and get you some cash (or paypal). Looking for decent shape...
  10. phillynight

    Advice for Bottlerocket build

    Ayo! So I just made a weird mid-life decision to pick-up a medium Transition Bottlerocket frame. When I lived in the US my friend had a BR and I loveddd ripping on it so I've been feeling nostalgic. I currently have a ole 2010 Norco 125 that I beat around on but it is terrible on anything other...