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  1. ashes_mtb

    Women, etc.

    Don’t have any advice or anything to offer, but 3 of my cousins are trans and it’s amazing how much happier they are after revealing it.
  2. ashes_mtb

    Australia Post, I hate you!

    They’ve taken it up a notch. Had a delivery due today. Just spoke to a neighbour two houses down from me, who said the postie tried to deliver my parcel to them this morning. Presumably it was too difficult for the postie, on being advised that the parcel was for two houses up the road, to...
  3. ashes_mtb

    Australia Post, I hate you!

    How is Aliexpress stuff getting from the airport to homes quickly via AP, and domestic stuff is a clusterfuck? Do they get a prioritised?
  4. ashes_mtb

    Australia Post, I hate you!

    Due to “Covid” the phone advised that they’d only take calls if it was in relation to urgent medication deliveries. Took less time for a recent Aliexpress order to get to my house from China than it did for this thing to go from one Perth distribution centre to another.
  5. ashes_mtb

    NSW AVID BB cable brakes

    These are sitting in my spare parts box. Was keeping them for the young fellas next bike but I should probably get myself some 4 pots and give him my old 2 pots instead. Flick me a message if they’re not too old and used for you.
  6. ashes_mtb

    Australia Post, I hate you!

    AusPost took 2 weeks to work out my package was at the wrong distribution centre and to get it to the correct one. I could have walked it been the two in less than half a day.
  7. ashes_mtb

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    May be old age but I still felt underdone with Duo on the bars and X2 on the head. Pretty happy now, running Duo at full for most of the ride and X2’s at low uphill and full everywhere else.
  8. ashes_mtb

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Yeah, have a Gloworm on the lid too. I had the Duo sitting there and figured more light was better and I might as well use it. To be honest, other bikes in might group with the high end 3,000+ lumen lights are still outgunning me by a fair margin.
  9. ashes_mtb

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Most of my mtbing is at night so I was seeing if I could come up with a better, semi-permanent setup. Just tinkering really.
  10. ashes_mtb

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Wasn’t happy with the light setup I had, so spent the day fabricating a light tower to direct mount off the stem. Have thought of a fair few improvements I could make for Mk2, so will leave this looking really rough and see how it goes. Doesn’t really show up well in these photos, but the...
  11. ashes_mtb

    WA: Kalamunda Circuit. Good tyres for Pea gravel?

    I’ve never had an issue being stuck in spd’s. Just one of the many benefits of not exceeding 5km/h.
  12. ashes_mtb

    WA: Kalamunda Circuit. Good tyres for Pea gravel?

    You didn’t seem to really enjoy our great state’s gravel?
  13. ashes_mtb

    Fork Oil questions and queries.

    A litre would be a lifetime supply if I didn’t tend to spill most of it.
  14. ashes_mtb

    Barefoot/Minimalist Shoes

    Go with the long pins on your flats if you ride in them.
  15. ashes_mtb

    All my Aliexpress MTB purchases reviewed.

    That’s been my experience with the knock off lock ons - nice and grippy but wear quick. Still better value than paying around $50 for grips, other than Ourys.
  16. ashes_mtb

    Front wheel quick release, what am i doing wrong?

    I won’t say I never have. But I think I did it once in the early/mid 90’s and never bothered again.
  17. ashes_mtb

    Metal Working! Fitting, Machining, Welding, Sheet and General Metal Fab

    I’ve got a box trailer that needs some tlc and I’m contemplating having a crack at welding it up myself. Have a hinge that broke loose and want to put some more supports and tie down points onto it. Be a mix of welding up to sheet metal and to angle iron. Also interested in welding up some...
  18. ashes_mtb

    Requests to have account deleted and posts removed

    That should be the punishment for coming crawling back. Cop a less than flattering admin selected user name.