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  1. Tubbsy

    Sold Ibis Ripley LS. SOLD

    Item: Ibis Ripley LS with Fox Float EVOL Factory, Cane Creek 40 Headset, seat post clamp, spare cable ports, rear axle, instruction booklet Sizing: XL frame, but a smallish XL, particularly by modern standards. Geo is reasonably similar to current model Large Pivot Mach 4 SL or Yeti SB115 for...
  2. Tubbsy

    ACT FOUND Magura Brake Hose

    Item: Magura Brake Hose with fitting to suit older Marta or similar, 1700mm or longer Location: Post office or Canberra Item Condition: The newer and nicer the betterer Reason for buying: A bizarrely stupid design by Magura for this caliper seems to require a factory-fitted connection as...
  3. Tubbsy

    Boost wheelset, Shimano Shifter, IS 180 brake adaptor, X2 Volume spacers

    Hi gang, After the bits I need to complete my Paradox build: FOUND: 29er Boost 110/148 Wheelset, tubeless compatible, 30mm or wider would be better, Shimano HG preferred. Could be interested in something cheap as a temporary fix or maybe even something fancy Location: Canberra or your...
  4. Tubbsy

    Product Review Revel Rail

    Once upon a time the mountain bike landscape consisted largely of road-bike derived deathtraps piloted by the brave and uninsurable cutting their own lines in a fledgling sport. Those lines filled maps, the bikes spawned categories within categories and today’s thrillseeker is as confident...
  5. Tubbsy

    ACT WTB Hope Post Mount Adaptor H / Shimano 203PM Adaptor. FOUND

    Item: Hope Post Mount Adaptor H Location: Canberra or post Item Condition: Servicable to New Price and price conditions: You tell me Extra Info: For 203 rotor on 180PM fork Pictures:
  6. Tubbsy

    There can only be one

    Frame - Deviate Highlander Black Edition, 140 link. Rear shock - Fox X2 2021 Factory Front shock/fork - Manitou Mezzer Pro 160 Handlebars - SQlab 30X Stem - Spank 40mm Headset - Cane Creek Grips - Ergon GA2 Saddle - WTB MaxCreak Seatpost - BikeYoke 213 Brake system - Hope E4 Rotors - Shimano...
  7. Tubbsy

    Talbingo MTB Skills Park

    There's something new happening near the Snowys: 1000m of elevation in the surrounding area and big plans for the future - good luck to them!
  8. Tubbsy

    Bike for Mrs Tubbsy

    So she recently announced she's keen to get a mountain bike. Which is great. I have spare bikes, but they're XL hard tails which are a tad too big and I think a dually would be a better starting point for her. What I'm thinking is stripping the parts off the Lynskey and buying her a frame to...
  9. Tubbsy

    ACT Best of Canberra Mountain Bike Experience Workshops

    A bit of a heads up for Canberra riders. The ACT government are doing some consultation for the future direction of trail development in Canberra. This is going to be a rare opportunity to have your say in where future money will be spent in the region, so I'd really encourage locals (and...
  10. Tubbsy

    New Bike Park for Sydney - Glenworth Valley

    So who knows more about this then? Allegedly 120km of trail coming...
  11. Tubbsy

    X Fusion Hi Lo Dropper

    So my hardtail has been neglected of late, and this week I decided to freshen up the drivetrain and add a dropper. I've become so accustomed to riding with one that I think the lack on the hardtail was putting me off riding it. There wasn't much in stock in 27.2 when I was shopping, and not...
  12. Tubbsy

    Is Fox Live Valve suspension akin to e-Biking?

    So Fox have released an electronic adaptive suspension system to their lineup. Tech sounds quite interesting, and the reviewer seems to like it. A couple of passages...
  13. Tubbsy

    Rotors rubbing

    Problem My new bike features boost spacing, but I wanted to re-use my old Hope brakes which have 6-bolt rotors. The wheel builder talked me into centre lock hubs with 6-bolt adaptors, as he said this would be more flexible. What I didn't realise was that this pushes the 6 bolt rotors a bit...
  14. Tubbsy

    H2O Brakes

    Browsing the online shops I found these brakes that use water instead of brake fluid...;product=154449;menu=1000,2,15,117;mid=0;pgc=0;orderby=3 I've never heard of this before. Aside from the fact that they are very expensive, and therefore must...
  15. Tubbsy

    WTB [CBR] 3x9 front Derailleur

    Item: 9 Speed Front Derailleur Location: From you to my letterbox, or Canberra Item Condition: Good, excellent, NOS Reason for buying: Building up a commuter with old bits I have around Price and price conditions: You tell me Extra Info: I have an old 3x9 XTR/X0 drive train I'd like to...
  16. Tubbsy

    SOLD [ACT] Specialized Stumpjumper FSR - XL - Brain replaced with custom RP23

    Item: 2007 Specialized Stumpjumper frame (for 26 inch wheels), size XL, with custom Fox RP23 Boost Valve (Tekin custom built to suit unusual Specialized shock size), Cane Creek 110 headset Location: Canberra Item Condition: Well used, cosmetically rough with marks everywhere, but no cracks or...
  17. Tubbsy

    SOLD [ACT] Specialized Command Post

    Item: Specialized Command Post 400mm, 125mm drop, external remote, 30.9 diameter Location: Canberra Item Condition: Very good, stanchion unmarked, some graphics have worn a little, a bit of paint off the remote Reason for selling: New Frame has internal routing Price and price conditions...