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    Sold Sold Sold

    Sold! Thanks farkers!
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    Banshee Amp Frame.

    •Item: Banshee Amp frame, not phased of what year. •Location: Well I'm in Brisbane, so that would be easier, But if you can ship that would be perfect. •Item condition description: Dont want cracks or dints and also in fairly decent condition. •Price and price conditions: Tell me...
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    If you have a spare few minutes, please have a read and help out.

    Hey Farkers/Rotorburners. Currently I am in year 12 completing my final assessment pieces to go towards my exit mark. In Business and Organization Management (BOM) we have been assigned the task of creating a full business proposal of a company that we see to be viable and profitable. This...
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    Ramp Attack 20/4

    As the title says, heading to Ramp Attack tomorrow night with some of us MTB'ers for the designated night MTB session. Its from 6-9. $12 entry for the 3 hours. More the merrier. See you there!
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    Item: Sun rims, rim laced to Axiom KT 20mm axle, sealed bearing hub. Location: Brisbane. Item Condition: Great, few un-noticable scratches but other than that perfectly straight. Reason for selling: Garage clean out/no need. Price and price conditions: $130. I am negotiable and wont let a...
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    Attention good people of Rotorfark! Your time has come! stand up and be counted!!

    *****Subject: Mathew Davis, 17, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Matthew is metro (yes by now you should all be adding away for him to shave his head) and has loved his hair since the tender age of when he was born! On countless occasions he has been told by his friends in his best interests to...
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    Sold ! Thankyou Farkin.

    *selling on behalf of a friend, he lives up the road from me, so details, getting specific photos etc are VERY easy to get. Bike has been de-built tonight so could easily be at your house in 2-3 days. Item: Red/black 2006 Santa Cruz V-10 gen 2 frame with vivid 5.1 and 5th element shock (you...
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    Everyone!! Watch 60 minutes!!! Channel 9

    Channel 9 is doing a story on cyclists etc. Will be a good watch. Discussion will follow in this thread afterwards.
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    Helmet Cameras. 30fps/640x480/1.3mp?????????????????

    Heya rotorfarkers. Im looking at getting my first helmet cam, I will be using it for downhill, and also snowboarding (I am going on a big snow board trip and want some footage). I have found one at a cheap price (i dont really want to spend too much on one just for the pure fact that it wont...
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    deciphering between brake fluid and fork oil??????????

    Hey guys, Recently I had some oil leak from my forks, and about 2 days later (didnt ride in those 2 days) my brakes have become 'slick' and have no stopping power and squick, indicating that oil had come into contact with the pads and rotor. I have a new set of pads and new rotor to go on...
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    Myspace we used to be friends... help please

    Heya 'burners well the last few days i have been able to update my statues on myspace. whenever i try it jst goes back to what you can see in the first image. then when i go into the mood 'place' it just says that it is unavaliable at this stage. I asked my mates to have a look if they could...
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    Hey Hey racial feud???

    Well i think its stupid... the performers in no way tried to be discrimitive towards coloured people and imo the act was a bit of harmless fun. I am not a racist I just dont understand how people can make a big deal over something so small. The video...
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    Main page not updating??

    Hey guys/girls Just a heads up, on the front page where it shows all the recent posts mine doesnt seem to update even after I refresh. :confused: What do you think is the problem? Thanks Reece
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    Cedar Creek results.

    Results from Cedar Creek 23/08/09 Elite Men: 1-Murrell Darcy 2:17.571 2-Wode Shane 2:27.990 3-Maltman James2:29.594 4-Manning Michael 2:29.688 5-Reeves Jacob 2:31.029 U19 Men: 1-Yrttiaho Brandon 2:25.753 2-Bishop Kim 2:41.396 3-Khan Joseph 2:42.630 Elite Women: 1-Rutter Jayne...
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    DH What up cracker (M3)

    Well here it is my blinging m3 Really happy with it and rides a dream Frame - 08 Intense m3 WHITE Rear shock - 07 DHX 5.0 450 spring Front shock/fork - 888 rcv2 Handlebars - PRO mtb risers Stem - funn direct mount Headset - FSA sealed Grips - Ravx Saddle - Velo carbon Front brake -...
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    Greasing/lubing your bike

    Well; to start off I have done quite a few searches to no avail. If I have missed something please point me in the right direction. So here goes When cleaning your bike it is just common knowledge that grease/lube/oil will also wash off with all the other muck. So after you wash your bike...
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    Shimano MP56

    Hey. Before we start yes i have done a search Well... im looking at getting new riding shoes, I was looking at getting a pair of shimano MP56
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    Kenilworth Sunshine Series Round 4. *POSTPONED!!!* until 21st june

    Hey Well round 4 of the sunshine series is coming up at 822 Cedar Creek road Belli park-Eumundi Kenilworth rd on the 24th of May, and as far as i have heard the track is new and never been raced? Has any body ridden the track and if so what is it like? Will it be similar to the round 1 track...
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    please delete

    Please delete, I am an idiot