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  1. The Duckmeister

    Mountain Bikes Direct Bike Of The Month - December (sorry I'm late!)

    Hey 'Burnerators, sorry I'm so late with this, but I got a bit knocked around recently, with little inclination for staying awake, and even less inclination to read anything or even think. Anyway, I'm on the mend now, so better late than never. Hope the holiday period treated you well and you...
  2. The Duckmeister

    Mountain Bikes Direct Bike Of The Month - November

    Hey kids, it's that time again, Round 2 of MTB Direct Bike Of The Month! Good to see some action in here the past month, keep them coming. After much perusal of the threads, I've selected this month's candidates, so get your voting fingers ready.. We'll see if the forum gizzards have learned to...
  3. The Duckmeister

    XC Ducky's Modern-Retro Carbolicious (or is it Carboniferous?) Anthem.

    OK, so as much as anything else, this post is about showing off the diversity of MTB amazingness that Bike Of The Month candidates may be drawn from.... :) One day in August 2014 a bloke wheeled this thing into the shop wanting an assessment of it 'cos he wanted to sell it in favour of...
  4. The Duckmeister

    Mountain Bikes Direct Bike Of The Month - October

    Heyo 'Burners, welcome to the new(ish) Bike Of The Month, kindly supported by the funky dudes at Mountain Bikes Direct. As you may have read in the Site News/Suggestions section, the idea is that you post up a thread in this section about your bike, the story behind it and a few pics and why...
  5. The Duckmeister

    (Vic) Red Hill Gravity Enduro

    It's on again! The second annual Red Hill Gravity Enduro is locked and loaded for October 7th-8th. As with last year, rego and practice runs on the Saturday, with racing on Sunday. Entry capacity has increased to 250, but is still likely to sell out, so don't fart around! This is a strictly...
  6. The Duckmeister

    VIC Red Hill XC Hour of Power - April 30th

    The happy gang at Red Hill Riders are pleased to announce our first XC race to be held on the trails, to be held on Sunday April 30th. The Hour of Power is an XCO format event (so it's actually a bit more than an hour, but "Hour & a bit of Power didn't work as well :tongue1: ). The course is...
  7. The Duckmeister

    VIC Red Hill FUNky Friday* Dirt Crits.

    *Official title to be confirmed, but this is what I'm calling it for now at least. The time has come to introduce the latest offering for fun Friday evening twilight racing. After a couple of tester races, one in-house members only and one deliberately not widely publicised open race, we're now...
  8. The Duckmeister

    [Found] Bike For a Mate

    Greetings 'Burners, As the title suggests, I've been enlisted to help find a bike for a mate who's been copping a bit of a nibble from the MTB bug. Not looking for anything too nutso, hence the budget, but likewise not a complete dunger either, 'cos it is going to be ridden properly...
  9. The Duckmeister

    New XT.

    Overnight Shimano released details of the new M8000 Deore XT groupset, to officially be launched later this year. Not surprisingly, a lot of inspiration has carried down from XTR, not the least in that it's gone 11-sp, and keeping the options of 1x, 2x & 3x cranks. An 11-42 cassette has been...
  10. The Duckmeister

    Clutch Replacement.

    Hey 'Burners, The clutch in my venerable Subaru Outback is really close to shitting itself, so I need it replaced pretty damn quick. Any ideas roughly how much it should cost to get done?
  11. The Duckmeister


    Hey Rotortburners, Well I've actually been here for a few days jumping straight into stuff, but I figured a little intro would be kinda nice.... I was a non-competitive roadie in a past life, until I discovered dirt a bit over four years ago, on board an old Giant ATX with with amazing(ly...