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    Bottom Bracket spec for a 2006 SC Chameleon

    Hi, I'm looking at replacing the bottom bracket on my 2006 Santa Cruz Chameleon - and I don't know what size it is suggestions anyone? J
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    STOLEN canberra: "Burley" brand kid trailer

    Stolen from Richardson Childcare Centre between Thurs, 19 Nov and Fri, 20 Nov. This trailer is not widely available in Australia so will stand out. It is designed for 2 children with a storage area in the rear. The "Burley" name and logo are visible on the sides and rear of the trailer. If you...
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    TI springs for Fox Vanilla?

    Hi, Been reducing my bike's weight, and I've noticed after market TI spring. So I'm wandering if its possible to replace the spring on a Fox vanillia shock with a Ti one? And, costs aside, would it save much weight.
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    CBR rider @ Mt Buller for All Tomorrow's Parties

    Hi all, My siblings have persuaded to revisit my youth with a trip to Mt buller for ATM in early January. Looks like there should be time Friday and Saturday to try out the local trails - so I'm wandering if should take my Coiler with me or hire a bike there. Oh and what local trails...
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    Rides in inner Melbourne

    Hi all, I'm down to Melbourne to see the rels for Christmas and the wife's just said I can bring my bike. Whats on offer thats within half an hour's drive of Kew? FYI I ride a Coiler and alternate weekends between Mt Majura, Mt Stromlo and Sparow Hill tia