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  1. VTSS350

    Intense T275 Carbon Tracer

    Some pictures of my new carbon T275 Tracer. A big thanks to Adrian at Belrose bikes for an awesome build and also to Matt at Intense Cycles Aus. It has only just been built up and after a week of rain in Sydney I will be giving the trails a chance to dry out before I ride it. Frame - Intense...
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    275 Intense Carbine

    I have been looking at the Intense Cabine since they were released but when they included the 27.5 in the line up I new it was time to get one. I just finished building it up to replace a Giant Reign. I have always owned 6inch bikes and love them but this is the first Carbon bike I have owned. I...
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    Cracked the bottom bearing of a Cane Creak angleset

    I hit a tree at ourimbah over the weekend and the front end just didnt feel right. I pulled it apart and this is what I found.
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    Awaba State round - Accomidation

    I am looking for somewhere to stay on Friday and Staurday nights of the DH state champs at awaba. Does anyone know of a cheap bike friendly place to stay that isnt to far from thr track?? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Intense M9

    Picked up the frame from Belrose bikes and built it up a couple of weeks ago. Still not sure if I am going to keep the wheels or sell them. I have a second set of wheels (Supra Ds on Chris King hubs) Frame : Intense M9 Shock : RC4 Forks : Bos Idylle Rare Stem : Deity Bars : Deity Black...
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    WTB 400 LB Ti Spring

    Item : 400 lb Ti spring Location : Sydney, Northern Beaches Price range: What its worth Extra Info : Needs to be 9.5 x 3
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    2009 Red Intense M6 Medium Location: Brookvale, Sydney Item Condition: Good, no dings or dents. A few scratches and chips from shuteling. Normal wear for a 2009 frame Reason for selling: M9 Price and price conditions: $1700 >$1650 Extra Info: Comes with new links, spare drop outs, seat post...
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    Oxford Falls big timber step down.

    I am interested to hear from people that have hit the big timber step down towards the bottom of oxford falls. I have looked at it a few times but havnt had the balls to hit it yet. Please post up if you have hit it and how you found it.
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    Have you used a no name brake pad?

    Have you ever used a set of brake pads made by a third party. Typically alot cheap but with the sort of performance.
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    Which headset for M6

    I have a Intense M6 and have been running a FSA zero stack headset. While it works ok it doesnt seal well and lets alot of dirt in which inturn makes it creak. I want to replace it with something similar. So I am looking for a 1.5 headset zero stack(or close to) to suit a 1,1/8 steerer...
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    TLD Carbon Flame Visor

    Item: TLD Carbon Flame Blue Visor Location : Doesnt matter Price : What its worth I am desperate for a new visor. My LBS cant get one as monza dont have them. I have had it on order for 8weeks now. I am heading to Canada in 3 weeks and really need it. If anyone has any idea where to get one...
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    2010 Boxxers - Pulled them apart today.

    Today I striped down my 2010 boxxer world cups. ( I tore my clavical at oxford falls 2 weeks ago so I am really board) First thing I noticed was that one of the legs was almost completly dry. It should of had 10ccs of 15w oil it. I pulled the lowers off and the oil seals and wiper seals were...
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    Elixir Levers with Code Calliper

    Does anyone know if the Elixir CR Levers are compatiable with Code callipers?
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    Item: Boxxer World Cups Location: Brookvale Sydney Item Condition: Very Good, purchased 6 months ago. Few small scratches on bottom of lowers. Not bad at all though Reason for selling: 2010 Boxxers Price and price conditions: $1000 ono Extra Info: These forks are only 6months old and have only...
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    WTB Intense M3 Pivot bolt

    Item: Intense M3 Pivot bolt – One closest to the Saddle Location: Sydney, Happy to pay freight costs. Price range: Willing to Pay/ Will pay what its worth. Extra Info: Lost mine, Need another.
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    My Garage

    Well as some of you would know I had 3 bikes stolen 10 weeks ago. AAMI have been awesome and came to the party and replaced everything new without any dramas at all. So here is my garage, Intense M6 09 Giant Anthem X0 08 Giant Regin 0 08 Glory
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    Intense M6 now with BOS Stoy

    Well after 3 bikes were stolen insurance finally came to the party and this is the new downhill bike. It rides like a dream. Frame - Intense M6 Rear shock - BOS Stoy with nuke proof Ti Spring Front shock/fork - Boxxer World Cup Handlebars - Dirty 30s Stem - Sunline Headset - FSA Zero Stack...
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    W.T.B Boxxer Flat Crown.

    I urgently need a boxxer flat crown for my intense M6 that I am building. Item: Boxxer Flat Crown Location: Sydney Northern Beaches Price range/Willing to Pay:What its worth PM me or call me on 0419430575