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  1. fjohn860

    190x51mm shock

    Item: 190x51mm air shock Location: Geelong Price range/Willing to Pay: up to $160 Extra Info: something with rebound adjustment at the minimum.
  2. fjohn860

    Rockshox Indy preload knob/cap

    Super long shot but in the middle of giving an old set of indys a birthday to bring my first mtb back to original spec and missing one of the preload caps. Anyone got one laying about?
  3. fjohn860

    It's only 3 inches... 2018 Transition Smuggler

    Frame - 2018 Transition Smuggler Alloy Large w/custom chain-slap protector (EPDM squares underneath 50mm heat shrink) and crud flap. Rear shock - SR Suntour TriAir 3CR 210x50 (replaced the standard RS Deluxe RT) Front shock/fork - 150mm Rockshox Revelation 35mm w/DIY DSD Runt (JBAC), with a...
  4. fjohn860

    VIC ***SOLD*** Fox Steel coil spring 450x3.25

    Item: 450x3.25 Fox steel coil spring. Location: Geelong Item Condition: Used (ridden once) Reason for selling: Wrong spring rate. Fitted and used once. Price and price conditions: $45. Postage extra Extra Info: n/a Pictures: YES
  5. fjohn860

    2011 Transition TR450 what is one worth today?

    So, been thinking about freeing up some cash for other bike goodies. And been thinking about selling my medium TR450. Has had fairly light use over the years. Genuinely curious as to what you guys reckon it is worth/what I could sell for it for. Have seen some similar aged 26" DH bikes...
  6. fjohn860

    Hardtail opinions

    What are peoples thoughts/experiences with any of the below hardtail models/brands. Would be interested in which ones you feel are the top 3. Possible bikes in no particular order Giant Talon 2 Trek Marlin 6 Marin Bobcat Trail 3 Polygon Premier 5 Norco Storm 2 Merida Big Nine 100 Reid Argon...
  7. fjohn860

    What trails are open around Geelong?

    Any trails open around Geelong with the current Covid-19 restrictions? Sent from my INE-LX2 using Tapatalk
  8. fjohn860

    VIC *SOLD* Race Face Chester handlebars

    Item: Race Face Chester 35mm handlebar Location: Geelong. Work in Altona so could be picked up from there. Item Condition: Good. Used for 6 months. Reason for selling: Wanted higher rise bars. Price and price conditions: $30. Can post at buyers expense. Extra Info: Uncut at 780mm. 20mm...
  9. fjohn860

    VIC SOLD Maxxis DHF 29x2.3 EXO dual compound and DHR II 29x2.3 dual compound. $25 each

    Item: Maxxis DHF and DHR II 29X2.3 EXO dual compound. Location: Geelong. Work in Altona so could be picked up from there. Item Condition: Used on bike for about 6 months. Reason for selling: I like trying different tyres regularly. Price and price conditions: $65 for both. $35 each...
  10. fjohn860

    VIC Rockshox deluxe rt 210x50mm

    Item: RockShox Deluxe rt came on my bike I bought in March 2019. Upgraded to a new shock in September 2019. Less than 50hrs on it. Location: Geelong. Work in Altona so could be picked up from there. Item Condition: Good, less than 50hrs. Reason for selling: Upgraded to a different shock...
  11. fjohn860

    Wheel builder/shop in Geelong. Looking for recommendations.

    Got a warranty wtb i29 rim to replace the cracked one. I don't generally use bike shops as I do all my own bike maintenance, but in this case I think I would prefer a "professional" to lace up my new rim. Years ago I bought two bikes from Henry Cycles in Ocean Grove and always liked those guys...
  12. fjohn860

    2019 MSA Worlds viewing

    How is everyone planning on watching World champs this weekend? I read on PB SBS has the rights, and so redbull TV won't work in Aus [emoji2369] Last year I watched on redbull tv Anyone heard/read anything different? Sent from my INE-LX2 using Tapatalk
  13. fjohn860

    Mellow shuttle day

    A couple of lads and I, shuttling a track we built years ago. Sent from my INE-LX2 using Tapatalk