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    Check out thread on the Downhill section Thanks Andrew & by the way it would be great if you could come along to the preso

    CCOMTB 2011 XC & DH point score Presentations

    Venue: Tall Timbers Hotel Pacific HWY Ourimbah When: Sunday 4 December (this Sunday) Time: Start 12:00 noon buffet lunch: 12:30 pm (member free guests eat for $10 also members receive two drink vouchers just bring your MTBA card for proof & come & see us at the table ) Presentations...

    Ourimbah Club Downhill Sunday 18th September. Results are up.

    We had a great day with 39 riders registered the track was dry however the new sections held up well throughout practice. Hope everyone had a fun day & look forward to seeing you all at the club champs on the 23rd of October. I think AdamD is doing the point score for this one on Pete...

    Ourimbah Downhill Round 2 - Sunday 17 April - Cancelled

    Red Hill Road at the bottom is really slippy one vehicle slid off it today and had to be towed due to damage under the car the other big thing is to keep off the track till the rain passes once the track drys up the top berms will be rock hard and heaps of fun to ride. T REX wil advise of the...

    Where are round 1 results

    Gday Craig Pete puts the results up on the downhill section. If you want to assist with timimg on the 17/4 it will be great. Hope you heal quickly

    Where are round 1 results

    CLub contacts Just letting everyone know XC results will only be loaded up to the CCOMTB website not on this Rotorburn forum the reason this thread has gone unnoticed is because the committee don't generally get into Rotorburn. If you need to check on any results details or have concerns...

    Where are round 1 results

    XC Results It has being brought to my attention that the results for the 1st XC race have not been posted there is no excuse for this! I will follow this up with Mitch to get the results up ASAP. Sorry for this situation it should not occur again. If you decide to leave a club for...

    Ourimbah DH ride day Sunday 13 February

    I suggest you find the goat on the track and get acquainted make sure you get a photo for your face book page.

    Build day this Saturday HELP NEEDED!

    Support the track fairies Brad and Adrian plus local support crew well done in getting the track ready for the 2011 race season. I will make the next one for sure. Cheers Wayne

    2011 Downhill Dates

    Ourimbah 2011 CCOMTB is very proud to be offered the opportunity to host a state round and as many have said previously don't come if you think the track is not worthy of your high riding standards. It is a race from start to finish and if you win you division you come 1st easy points for a...

    2011 Downhill Dates

    This statement is a track killer why you saying this mate CCOMTB don't deserve this negitive feed back. WE HAVE A SWEET TRACK.

    downhill track

    I will be padding trees Saturday morning so I will check it out.

    Nsw 2010 state rd 4 del- rio

    Thanks to Steve Humphies and the crew from Western Sydney MTB in providing an fantastic track and venue for the event. The weekend was one to remember and I am looking forward to the next time there is a club or state round held at Del-Rio. A massive thank-you to Gary Walker the...

    Closest Downhills to Terrigal

    Theres nothing at Terrigal mate and as for a second bike look at the forum and look for the for sale section and view DH bikes. I would suggest anything under $800 bucks is old ish or a piece of shit. Unfortunately when you are getting into riding you tend to grow out of your 1st bike...

    NSW State Series DH Del Rio 12 June 2010 - Saturday afternoon practice

    Thanks for the pics Pete they all look great.

    Ourimbah DH Round 2 Sunday 23 May - CANCELLED. 30 May ALSO CANCELLED

    XC on next Sunday the 6th will look at a catch up round after DH state series has finished so August or September Peter Maggs will let you guys know in due course.

    Ourimbah DH Round 2 Sunday 23 May - CANCELLED. 30 May ALSO CANCELLED

    Guys please keep off the track this weekend till after the weather has cleared up one rider went through Wednesday after noon when brad and I were standing at the bottom section and it took 25 minutes to rectify the damaged caused. Please give the track some time to settle down and bed in...

    Ourimbah DH Round 2 Sunday 23 May - CANCELLED. 30 May ALSO CANCELLED

    Simon please don't post this response it is more painful to stop a scheduled race then let it happen. We are respecting our asset and considering riders interest. The buses have cancelled due to the storms forecasted to come in late Friday. Regards

    Ourimbah DH Track build day Sun 18th April

    Please prevent from using agg line to divert water courses use wash outs spaced at critical locations along the track to slow the water and ease it away off to the side with consideration to existing natural water courses. FNSW perfer the above mentioned method as a trail management tool...

    The last movie you've last watched last

    The latest one at the video store it is awesome John Travolita was the best bad ass I have have ever seen.