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  1. Reece.

    Sold Sold Sold

    Bike is sold! Thanks everyone for your enquiries!
  2. Reece.

    Sold Sold Sold

    Sold! Thanks farkers!
  3. Reece.

    Aaron Gwin and his Specialized S-Works Demo 8

    Negative, Jacy and Sam are no more :(
  4. Reece.

    What are you listening to NOW? Crank'd!! Hyperparadise (Flume Remix!)
  5. Reece.

    SA Delete

    Free bump!! I own one of these and it is easily my favorite bike that I have ever owned!!!!!! Perfect for ALL riding!!!!!!
  6. Reece.

    Women, etc.

    "You cant make a hoe a housewife" I'd stick to the smarter people, they seem like they have a future and goals they would like to reach!
  7. Reece.

    QLD SOLD SOLD SOLD - 2009 Santa Cruz V10

    How has this not sold already!?!
  8. Reece.

    When scooter kids grow up....

    yea I dont feel the lycra was needed....
  9. Reece.

    Gwin suspension setup

    Good for the spectators too!
  10. Reece.

    The stupid questions thread.

    Can I ask you a question?
  11. Reece.

    Evs neck brace

    Which of the EVS braces are you talking about? The evolution or the new one? Ive owned the evolution and love it to bits! Felt so much more snug and fitted to me than the leatt! The new EVS looks like it will become the new market leader IMO! Compact and simple!
  12. Reece.

    Farkin pub Crawl-Brisbane MKII

    Can we make it a Saturday night gents??
  13. Reece.

    661 Helmet. Good or bad?

    I think you asked this on the wrong side of your purchase.....
  14. Reece.

    The Beautiful Women Thread.

    Kendall Jenner (Kardashian)
  15. Reece.

    2012 Snow Thread

    Mates and I have a mega budget trip booked for late July into early august. Driving Brisbane to Thredbo, Staying at Jindy! Costing us just under 500 bucks with lift passes, fuel money and accom! So keen! First time skiing in Australia! Kinda excited!
  16. Reece.

    Little Things You Hate

    Gave them up on the 19th of January and still clean til this day ;) Drank maybe 2 cans (the 500ml cans) per day, didnt have them one day, and suffered withdrawals/shakes.... Mad me get the shakes and headspins.... Never shall I drink another haha! Guess what they say is right though...
  17. Reece.

    Little Things You Love

    The cheeky little grin a milf handed me after riding into a tree due to looking as her ass and not watching where I was going on the bikeway... God it was worth every inch of pain!
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  19. Reece.

    Dane Searls R.I.P

    Unfortunately I was standing at Billy's watching Dane as the accident happened. I hold sympathy for his family, but could see what he was doing was stupid, and even said to a mate that he was and idiot before he did what he did.... My thoughts go out to the Searls family and everyone that was...
  20. Reece.

    Women, etc.

    Sam, do you two still have contact with each other? (Even the 'I fucking hate you' texts sort of kind.) I can't figure out why she is posting that sort of thing over a year later if you have no contact... Also, just out of curiosity, how is the new girlfriend taking it all?