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  1. Cletus

    E13 11 to 12 speed conversion.

    Hey guys, looking to increase my gear range on my 15 stumpy evo. I have an 11 speed xo1 group set on it now with 10-42 gearing and the E13 12 speed conversion offers 9-46 which would help me out greatly. Anyone running this system and anyone think its a bad idea? My other option is a gx eagle...
  2. Cletus

    New bike or upgrade old one?

    Hey guys, been off the bike for a few years and ive recently been bitten by the bike bug again. I saw the new 2020 norco sight a2 and really liked what i saw, but i have a 2014 stumpjumper expert and was wondering about fitting the new gx group to it and going a 160mm fork to slacken the head...
  3. Cletus

    SOLD 2012 Fox Float 32 DRCV 150mm SOLD

    what:2012 Fox 32 float drcv 150mm Location: Wollongong NSW Condition: great, looks and runs like new How much: SOLD Extra info: this fork has come off a trek remedy9 Has a tapered 1 1/8 to 1.5 steerer tube at 180mm and 15mm axle Fork is black with kashima coating If you'd like any...
  4. Cletus

    wanted, entry to capital punishment 100km

    hey guys, anyone got an entry to the capital punishment 100km you want to sell? looking to pay $100 for the entry. give me (pete) a call on 0412929886 or pm me. cheers.
  5. Cletus

    capital punishment entry

    hey guys, anyone got an entry to the capital punishment event you'd like to sell???
  6. Cletus

    Sold sold sold.

    Item;2012 XT race 26 inch wheelset Location; wollongong nsw Item Condition; brand spanking new, still in the box and plastic. Reason for selling; bought wrong wheel set from overseas. Price and Conditions; $300 plus postage or free pickup from wollongong or mortdale. Extra Info; this...
  7. Cletus

    XO cranks for 2011 trek ex9

    hey guys just wondering if any of you out there have tried fitting XO cranks to a 2011 trek ex9? i have a set of XO gxp cranks and the non drive side sits loose in the bearing. bb30 spindle is way too big, what else can i try? Ive just removed the stock xt triple and want to run a sram 2X10 set...
  8. Cletus

    sold sold sold

    What; Mavic crossride wheelset. Location; Wollongong or sydney pick up, can also post.( buyer pay's) Price/Conditions; $sold. im pretty easy guys so make me an offer. Extra info; these wheels are in exellent condition and have one about 250 km's, mostly on the road. wheelset comes with near...
  9. Cletus

    28th is today (friday)

    hey wayno, i was just looking at the ccomtb calender and saw a 6 hour enduro scheduled for today, the 28th of october. is this correct? i was looking for somthing to do this weekend but i'll have to miss this today. why friday?
  10. Cletus

    funnel web in nowra

    hey guys, im looking for some SCUM locals or some guys from nowra to ride with us at the funnelweb trail on sunday 8th july. if you'll be there or are keen to ride please reply here or shoot me a pm. cheers.
  11. Cletus

    broken u-turn knob on rockshox recon

    hey guys, i just picked up my new xc bike on saturday and while i was setting it up i noticed the u-turn knob on my fork had a heap of big cracks in it and it would'nt adjust the travel at all. my lbs was great and got straight onto getting me a new knob but i was just wondering if anyone else...
  12. Cletus


    hey guys, i just got my greenslip renewal from allianz in the mail today and it came to $644:eek: WTF im 28 with a new rodeo and only 3 demerits, why the hell is it so expensive?? my missus is 22 with a new v6 commodore and on her P's and it was just over $500, i would have thought my green...
  13. Cletus

    Accommodation for the stromlo state round?

    hey guys, the last few events ive been too in canberra if found myself miles away from where any other riders were, so this time i want to book in where they"ll be some other riders. so, my question is... have you booked your accommodation yet? and if so... where are you staying?? cheers, Cletus
  14. Cletus

    Starcircle Cyclone v brake wheelset bargan

    hey guys, anybody looking for a cheep set of wheels for there v brake equiped xc bike? i just thought i'd give those interested a heads up as theres a guy selling these wheels on ebay for cheep as. i bought mine for $107+ $20 post for the pair and ive just put them through about 80 km's of...
  15. Cletus

    sdg belair saddle

    What; sdg belair saddle (no animal skins, im not a hippie i just think they look g@y) Location; wollongong, will pay post Willing to pay; $50-$60 or more depends on condition. Other info; must be a normal rail version, not IBeam Cheers!
  16. Cletus

    WTB Avid Rollamajig

    What; Avid rollarmajig Location; Wollongong NSW. will pay post Price and Conditions; Depending on condition i'll pay retail + post Conditions; you sell i buy?;) Extra info; i'd like to buy more than one so if you have one(or more) you dont want please let me know. cheers, Cletus
  17. Cletus

    avid rollamajigs

    hey guys, i just found out avid have stoped making the rollamajig. i've asked around at a few shops (in person and online) to see if anyone has any left in stock and have had no luck. anybody know of anywhere that might have one or two left? not to keen on having the big ugly cable loop again:(...
  18. Cletus

    D.I.Y stopwatch/ Timer

    hi guys, i've been after one of those shimano timer's for a while now and Norcohavoc has just sent me this link D.I.Y Stopwatch i dont know if you guys have seen this but i missed it and thought i might as well repost it. pic's below of the completed...
  19. Cletus


    What; your old shimano timer (working condition ofcoarse;) ) Price/ Willing to Pay; what you payed, retail for one in good nick. i think about $30/$40 Terms and Condition; if it works i want it Location; Wollongong NSW, i will pay post Extra info; if your sick of your timer or just dont use...
  20. Cletus

    my new ride for 07.

    my new 06 giant glory yeah i know everyones seen em before but meh, oh and i've changed the sram XO gear over to 07 shimano xt.(not pictured though) so stoked:D Edit; now with action shot thanks to dwnhil4thewin. cheers mate!