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  1. droenn

    ACT FOUND Banshee dropouts 142mm compact

    Item: Dropouts to run a 142mm wheel on a V3 Prime Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: let me know Extra Info: I had some en route but they are currently lost/gone so looking to see if anyone else has some spare ones they can sell me? I'll put this ad up now, but probably wait a few...
  2. droenn

    ACT FOUND. What to buy / wanted to buy: Prime or Phantom

    Looking to see whats out there, but also looking for opinions if I go for a new frame. Item: Frame-only Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: this really depends on age and use... Extra Info: Going to try my luck here before committing to a new frame, which just keep on going...
  3. droenn

    ACT Shimano brakes

    Item: XT M8000 levers with SLX M675 calipers Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used but all working fine, came off my hardtail so lines a little on the shorter side. Reason for selling: These are my spare set, have moved on to 4 pot brakes and trying to avoid a hoarding situation. Price and...
  4. droenn

    ACT Garage sale, updates Oct 2021

    Location: Canberra Reason for selling: Raising funds for new bike... Item: Truvativ Stylo t30 seatpost, 31.8, 400mm Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: $15 Extra Info: Pictures: Item: Bombtrack stem 100mm Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: $15 Extra Info...
  5. droenn

    Trail Towns

    Ep 1 Canberra I have no idea what this is - just watching now
  6. droenn

    Sold Original Cotic Solaris

    Item: Cotic Solaris Medium Frame - steel is real and all that. Location: Canberra Item Condition: Few scratches but pretty good overall. Some paint worn away inside chain stays and a few scrapes elsewhere I've tried to highlight. General chips from stones and transport. Reason for selling: N-1...
  7. droenn

    Sold Buzzrack Towbar rack

    Item: Buzzrack "Buzzcruiser" (I think) 2 bike towball mount Location: Canberra - pickup only Item Condition: Good - its all in decent condition, bit scuffed from use but all working fine Reason for selling: No towbar at the moment, and its taking up space Price and price conditions: $200 Extra...
  8. droenn


    Item: M675, M7000 or compatible Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: less than new would be nice :) Extra Info: Just after a caliper to replace a leaking one, just needs to be working fine... ordered a set of those replacement pistons off ebay, but who knows when they'll arrive...
  9. droenn

    Sold Shimano 203mm CL rotors

    Item: Shimano 203mm Centrelock. rotors Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used, still true and have a bit of life. Reason for selling: No longer needed Price and price conditions: $30 the lot, pp Extra Info: 1 x RT81 1 x RT79 1 x 203 mm adapter
  10. droenn

    Sold Guide RS brakes

    Item: SRAM Guide RS brakes Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used, surface rubs and marks, but mechanically all good and working great. Reason for selling: Keeping consistent across my bikes, all now Shimano + mineral oil. Price and price conditions: $150 Extra Info: I actually really like...
  11. droenn


    Item: 1 x 180mm CL rotor, 1 x 180 mm 6 bolt and 1 x 160 or another 180 mm 6 bolt + adapter Location: Canberra Item Condition: Old, but fair and still have life Price and price conditions: Prefer to swap 1 for 1 at this point Extra Info: Looking to swap for different sizes / mounting options -...
  12. droenn

    Box 9 speed

    Has anyone already, or tempted to, switched across from 11 and 12 speed to the 9 speed gear from Box? The One and Two have been available for a while - now see MTDB are also stocking the Three. (There is a Four but it is 8 speed). While it looks pretty awesome and only 365 grams for 11-50t...
  13. droenn

    Sold IXS knee pads

    Item: IXS Flow Evo+ XL Knee pads SOLD Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used but present really well. No major crashes, no rips or tears or noticeable damage to the pads. Inserts are fine also. Reason for selling: On the smaller side for an XL pad - not comfortable for me. Price and price...
  14. droenn


    Item: 90mm stem Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: cheaper than a new cheapie ($40) Extra Info: For a gravel bike, 6/7° rise, 31.8 clamp etc. Preferably black.
  15. droenn

    Old school vs new school geometry / riding

    Came across this dude's channel and found this video pretty interesting in terms of how he approaches a longer reach geo and getting right over the front for.. everything (decents, climbs, cornering) I definitely do the "old school" out of habit (getting back over the rear wheel when riding...
  16. droenn

    AM Transition to Banshee

    This is my first build from scratch. Bit of a learning process for me, but after doing most of the upgrades on my Cotic, wanted the challenge of putting together my next bike myself (well as much as possible). Sourced a few parts from Rotorburn (frame from @r.ayres1, fork from @Litenbror), took...
  17. droenn

    when the server was down....

    .. I bought a road bike and took up cycling in lycra .. reconnected with my kids who I never knew I had .. was incredibly productive at work and am now the boss what has everyone else been up to this week?
  18. droenn

    Sold 4 Maxxis Tyres 27.5

    Item: 4 Maxxis 27.5 Tyres Location: Canberra Item Condition: All used, varying condition - see notes Reason for selling: Gone 29er Price and price conditions: $50 for the lot Extra Info: Moving on my 27.5 tyres. More info alongside pictures Pictures: Item: 2.3 Aggressor EXO TR Extra Info...
  19. droenn

    Sold 27.5 WTB Asym i35 Wheelset

    Item: 27.5 WTB Asym i35 Wheelset, non-boost (100x15 and 142x12), XD freehub Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used but good - few scratches but no dings or dents Reason for selling: Gone 29er Price and price conditions: $270 Extra Info: They've been a bombproof wheelset - on Novatec hubs. 35...
  20. droenn

    Sold RockShox Pike RCT3

    Item: RockShox Pike RCT3, 27.5, 15 x 100, 160 mm Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used but working great Reason for selling: Going 29er Price and price conditions: $400 Extra Info: 2016 fork. No scratches on stanchions. Under bridge has usual rock scratches, unfortunately got some cable rub...