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    Commute from Ascot to Brisbane CBD

    I cycle from Nundah to the City, via a number of different courses on the roadie, most days. Couple of those options that pass Ascot are: Kingsford Smith drive is horrendous. I'd never ride on this road...
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    Upgrade: Wheelset or Drivetrain?

    I've two identical wheelsets (both Shimano XT with same rotors and SRAM cassettes, but different tyres) and don't have any problems. And being identical, I don't have to adjust rear derailleur or brake calipers when changing wheels!
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    Importing Shimano brake fluid

    I've orderd 1L of shimano mineral oil from CRC with no issue about 6 months ago, so it should clear customs!
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    RTD's Ironhorse Sunday

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    [AM] '09 Yeti 575

    haha, thanks for the kind words! :cool: Built the Yeti with (new) parts from a variety of sources (LBS, ebay and rotorburn etc) to keep the cost down so it's a bit hard to put a price on. My wife has a trance, with mostly Shimano SLX build, and it's also a very nice bike! As much as I...
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    [AM] '09 Yeti 575

    Minor upgrades: 1. Bought another Shimano XT wheelset so it's a quick swap between dry/urban (Kenda Small Block 8) and loose/wet (Maxiss Advantage) tubeless wheels. 2. Changed front rotor/s to 7" for a touch more power with rear remaining at 6". 3. Installed Joplin 4r seatpost...
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    Sold pending payment.
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    The 2011 Parts/Bikes Thread... !!!

    I bought a Joplin 4r two weeks ago. Must say I love the infinite adjustability of that post especially when riding technical trails. But I have already had to strip and relube after a particularly wet/muddy ride so hopefully this will not be a (too) regular service requirement!
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    G'day All, Item: Two sets of Avid BB7/Juicy organic disc brake pads Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Brand new still in shrink wrap packaging Reason for selling: Only running Shimano SLX and XT brakes now Price and price conditions: $45.00 for the pair including express post shipping...
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    The 2011 Parts/Bikes Thread... !!!

    I'd buy one of those (the red or silver collar versions that is) in a heartbeat if I could find one! Blacx seem to have a few distributors listed on their website but no actual sales outlets! :(
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    Why isn't there more all mountain videos like this?

    Thanks for posting... really enjoyed this! :cool:
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    Best wheels?

    All good points from k3n!f. I decided to go down the 15mm front hub and centrelock disc options for my new bike so ended up purchasing a Shimano XT wheelset. I'd have considered XTR if Shimano sold these as a 15mm front hub wheelset. Anyhow I'm ~75kg geared up and ride fairly agressively...
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    L'officiel Le Tour 2009 Thread!

    Here, here... Surely we get enough cricket on TV throughout the year! :mad:
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    What would you reccommend? For light trails

    I (too) was interested in Stumpjumper series but wasn't able to find one I could ride/test on the dirt. :rolleyes: Found that For The Riders (Annerley) have a bunch of test bikes you can ride on the trails before laying down your hard earned! I ended up purchasing a Yeti 575 but being...
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    Mid cage derailleur on 27spd system.

    I run Sram X9 mid cage rear derailleurs on both my bikes for the sole purpuse of having a touch more ground clearance to the lower jockey wheel. Both bikes have standard shimano tripple chainrings on the front, however the hardtail has 12-28t cassette and the dually 11-32t cassette on the rear...
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    Post Your XC Machine

    I see you're running full length gear cables, surely there's a few grams that can be shaved right there! :p
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    Post Your XC Machine

    I've only had one day-ride on the bike; however, I usually ride up as much as down and decided to go with the Talas so that I could easily adjust the geometry of the bike as required. The Floats are lighter/cheaper than the Talas and I nearly went that way. Wasn't interested in the Vanilla...
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    Brakes- mid/high end

    pm'd you! :cool:
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    My treadleys (pic intensive) Updated 9/1/09

    Noice... did you ever get round to weighing your 575? I'm interested to know how much weight a full XTR kit drops off my (mostly XT) setup! ;)
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    XC Pivot Mach 4

    With your current wheelset/tyre combo I'm guessing it'll come in around 12kg. Love the splashes of red anodising throughout, compliments the frame nicely! :cool: