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  1. stirk

    Little Things You love

    Tiny thing I dont hate. That feeling you get when your ring hole starts getting itchy and tickly at random times and it's not your partner trying to pleasure you. And then you feel the tickle crawling up your crack. Never had this issue until I had kids and dogs in the house.
  2. stirk

    Things I miss

    Amid the chaos of covid19 and future pandemics...... Keep it realish I miss being able to buy 26" tyres, some baldy from Ballarat has got em all hoarded. I miss TP, man how I would love some TP! I miss the smell and fumes of leaded petrol v8's rumbling away on a summer's day in a traffic jam...
  3. stirk

    Narrow wide chainrings - the best of them....

    Hi gang, I'm in the market now for a new chainring as the current is worn and dropping chain alot. The current one is a raceface and I've been happy with the two I've had thus far but they seem to wear out quicker than the cassette which is still working really well with heaps of life. However...
  4. stirk

    FOUND Cycling sunglasses Knapsack park

    Found: cycling sunglasses Where: Knapsack Park Glenbrook When: Saturday 11th Jan PM me a description if you think they are yours.
  5. stirk

    Twelve point pivot bolts

    Some of my pivot bearings need attention, after tracing and fixing all the creaks on the old bike I've found the linkages are also creaking. I've got the wishbone off and one bearing is fine and one crunchy, both were dry so I'm a f'wit for not packing grease into them more often. The other...
  6. stirk

    Walk or ride a steep hill

    Is walking up a steep hill while pushing a bike more or less taxing on the body than riding up the hill on the bike? Personally I find the variables so great within the many situations one might find themselves in to ask this question whilst vigorously panting for air and clicking the shifter...
  7. stirk

    Holy cow!

    Hey gang, I needs some new lube and see rock n roll have a new one out called holy cow. Anyone using it and can provide feedback?
  8. stirk

    RIP Stan Lee

    A super human has passed today. Stan and his fellow artists created a lot of magic over the decades. I've grown up eagerly waiting for the next Spiderman issue to arrive at the newsagent before I later graduated to the comic book store and a whole new world of comics opened up. I've enjoyed...
  9. stirk

    Viglink disabled

    Just got rid of this viglink annoyance. I think viglink or the forum has some configured causing it to not pass through the redirection properly. Anyway, on the viglink page you get redirected to at the bottom is a link that says, why am I seeing this. Click that Link and another page opens...
  10. stirk

    Care factor zero

    What happens when the person doing a job has zero care factor in their work.
  11. stirk

    Ride share bikes, helmet laws and the blind eye

    I just saw a bloke getting pinged by a policeman for not wearing a helmet. He was on a privately owned bike. Ride share bikes and the users of them on the other hand seem to enjoy the blind eye of the police as most riders of these dodgy poorly maintained bikes cruise about sans helmet. The...
  12. stirk

    Dunn's swamp - ganguddy

    I just got back from a few days camping at ganguddy and thought it worthy to post a thread on. Located 30 minutes from Rylestone, NSW, its a short drive from Sydney. This place is awesome for camping, swimming, cliff jumping, lots of sites, many very close to the water, the drop toilets are...
  13. stirk

    24" boys MTB

    Could not source bike so bought new. Now how do I put found in the title? Item: 24" MTB, boys, if that still applies Location: Blue Mountains, Western Sydney or I can pick up in CBD or eastern suburbs areas. Price range/Willing to Pay: $100-$200 Negotiable depending on bike and condition...
  14. stirk


    Get your photos out now! On reading all the comments it seems like you can't download your files unless you pay, will have to check when I get home.
  15. stirk

    Product Review Woho lock-on grips

    Item: Woho lock-on grips Purchased From: Ebay seller in HK Purchase Price (approx): $19.99 delivered Usage: MTB Trails of course! Pros - Cheap grips that appear to be decent quality and they have skulls on them for additional radness! Cons - The delivery took 5 weeks which is slow...
  16. stirk

    Urban freeride lives - Fabio Wibmer

    Cool vid this one.
  17. stirk

    PayPal or eBay cached delivery address error

    So farkers, I ordered some new grips and received the order and dispatch confirmation, yep that the home address I want the goods to go to so all good. I get an email today telling me a parcel has been delivered to an old work address I don't use anymore but it is still a cached option in...
  18. stirk

    Five Ten Impacts - worn once SOLD

    Item: Five Ten Impacts Location: Blue Mountains AH or Sydney CBD BH Item Condition: Near new, worn once only. Reason for selling: They just didn't fit my weird feet. Price and price conditions: $90 posted (in AU) open to offers but not saggy balls. Pick up $80 (I have no idea what minus...
  19. stirk

    Shoe sizing 'standards'

    Before I rant about shoe sizing lack of standards my question is, if I have a pair of Five Ten Impacts and they fit very snugly but I just find them too stiff, will a Freefider in the same size fit nicely or should I go up a size for roomy softness? My favorite pair of riding shoes are my...
  20. stirk

    Lauf forks

    Just saw a Lauf fork for the first time and think it's an interesting concept but it does not appear to have any​ damping to the spring that I can see anyway. Anyone using one of these forks and can comment on the effectiveness of the fork and if there is a noticeable bounce from the lack of...