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  1. Flow-Rider

    STOLEN Brisbane south west, Qld. Avanti Torrent Blue.

    The young kid was followed off the train by 2 older teens and then had his bike snatched from him.
  2. Flow-Rider

    Strange encounters on the trails

    I've had 2 strange encounters in the last month at remote locations of a park. First one I approached a guy on an open fire road from the opposite direction dressed in full camo army gear, boots, belts, and a large backpack, as I went past I said "hi" but he refused to make any eye contact as if...
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    Home made trail tools, what have you made?

    Thought I would make a thread to help people and share ideas of homemade trail building tools. I enjoy tinkering with old scrap metal and repurposing old things to give them a new lease on life. This is my little project where I make a multi-use trail hoe from an old scraped plough disk, got...
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    Suspension oils and additives (servicing time)

    I went to service my Fox Float X aircan and couldn't get hold of a large bottle of the Fox Float fluid for a reasonable price and those 5cc pillow packs are sold for a ridiculous amount by the time you include shipping. Previous to this because I was playing around with changing air volume...
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    FOUND Brisbane/ Ipswich area [QLD] Trials Bike ATOM2

    Brisbane/ Ipswich area [QLD] Trials Bike ATOM2 Did anyone lose a trials bike ?
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    FOUND WTB * X-Fusion Coil Spring 170mm (Blue colour)

    WTB Item: X-Fusion Vengance spring Blue (Coil spring only required) Part No. (42-VGRSSPRING-203 Firm K=0.8kg/mm Blue 170mm) Location: Brisbane or post Item Condition: Excellent working order Price and price conditions: $80 posted or can swap new Orange X-Firm spring or Green spring standard...
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    Wiggle pays penalty for misleading consumers about their rights

    Well there you go, ACCC isn't a toothless tiger after all wiggle-pays-penalty-for-misleading-consumers-about-their-rights? Wiggle pays penalty for misleading consumers about their rights 12 December 2018 Online sporting goods retailer Wiggle Limited (Wiggle) has paid a $12,600 penalty after...
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    The Excuses Thread.

    Lets hear about all the best excuses that you've heard. I've got a riding buddy that comes up with some of the funniest excuses that he almost makes me fall off the bike and roll on the ground laughing. Last one he told me was that a Christmas beetle hit him in the eye on a down hill descent...
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    New wheel size on the Horizon. (club 36)

    Just when you thought MTB wagon wheels could have got no bigger the new 36" comes along. Is this going to be the next big fad with all the wagon wheel lovers or will it just fizzle out like the old corduroy pants ?
  10. Flow-Rider

    Product Review RockBros Chainring

    Item: RockBros chainring Narrow-Wide Teeth 104BCD 7075 T6 Purchased From: Ebay Store Purchase Price : $31.99 delivered to your door. Usage: Roughly about 100kms on a DJ jump bike that...
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    Product Review BETO-Floor Pump

    Item: Beto Floor Pump Purchased From: Velogear Purchase Price :$29.99 Usage: Just on 2 months Pros - Cheap in price, has a nice large handle, has a duel connection head for schrader or presta valves and the main body is made of alloy and...
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    Rockshox TI Black box damper with oil leaks.

    A Tech question for the people that have played with this damper. I have a minor oil leak from the top of the dampers compression dial shaft that is annoying me as I hate oil leaks. I have come to the conclusion that there must be a seal in behind the dial flange shaft. Without forcing the...
  13. Flow-Rider

    QLD, Bris. Scotts spark, Trek Y bike and a Giant Anthem

    4/23/2016 Posting for a friend, stolen from under his house were 3 bikes. They were a 2011 Scotts Spark 35 carbon, a blue 1995 Trek Y bike owned from new and his Daughter's 2012 small size Giant Anthem. I will put up a $200 reward if any or all of these bikes can be returned.
  14. Flow-Rider

    Caution, for when packing backpacks with tools

    I came across an article on FB about Eddy King, a BMX pro that has good reason to think a shockpump handle in his backpack contributed to spinal injuries after an OTB event. Very sadly he is paralyzed from the waist down, it makes you think how things can go wrong and what if I done this or...
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    New old GTs, GT is firing up the torch again

    I'm not really into BMX but have come across this post on FB that might interest BMX people. The hand built frames were top choice in their days and very collectable.
  16. Flow-Rider

    Mad! DH on snow!

    Glacier Bike Downhill . MTB derby on snow on the slopes of the Allalin Glacier. Peaks at over 120 Km / h for the fastest, departure at 3500m above sea level for a total of 1700m of negative altitude. A unique event. Experience the atmosphere and competitors impressions...
  17. Flow-Rider

    Recon silver tk fork- argyle moco conversion

    Im bored so I've decided to post up my Recon franken fork conversion and also query other peoples conversions. So as it happens being a tight ass that I am and not armed with enough information I stupidly bought( one for the stupid peoples thread ) a 120 travel, Recon, air solo, (TK) = Turn Key...