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  1. tomacropod

    Confessions from the fuckwits

    And the washers are in the wrong spot, silly rabbit! - Joel
  2. tomacropod

    Coroner's report on roadie that died after frame failure

    One bike service - $95 One chain - $60 Some brake pads - $40 One routine ct scan - $250 No cracks! See you in 6 months. I can only imagine the market reaction to this level of caution. - Joel
  3. tomacropod

    2014 Fox Talas Fork CTD lever screw doesn't reach internal threaded rod to screw on

    Ctd cartridge has come apart, check mtbr forums shocks and suspension for ctd thread detailing this and the fix. - Joel
  4. tomacropod

    Spoke keys/wrenches, what do you use and rate?

    Use everything, there are some pretty good ones, but p&k lie are the best. There's a guy on Gumtree selling some I think. - Joel
  5. tomacropod

    Fox fit damper service/rebuil - how often?

    Fit cartridge, only two things ever fail - bladder splits, or the lower seal head wears out, leaking oil into lowers. The cartridge will accept oil from the lowers into the bladder over time, increasing the pressure in that bladder. It is important to drain and bleed the damper every 12...
  6. tomacropod

    Boxxer Race ~2008/9ish Rebuild Attempt - Oil Passing on Rebound Shaft.

    12 x 3.5mm. Can mail you one or it will come in a service kit from rs. - Joel
  7. tomacropod

    Rockshox Pike Forks - Metal shavings in Non Drive

    Often grab those exact pieces of swarf out of pikes. Usually they're from the tapered recess where the air shaft sits. If they're not in a thousand pieces they probably haven't damaged anything. -Joel
  8. tomacropod

    Sram gripshift as dropper remote

    Remove the spring. It won't index and will return when you release it. - Joel
  9. tomacropod

    GXP to PF30

    Praxis conversion bb is excellent. Actually expands and secures into the shell. - Joel
  10. tomacropod

    Star Wars, the Force Awakens

    Snoke is Yoda's evil progeny. - Joel
  11. tomacropod

    Bike mechanic training - Newcastle or electronic

    Tidy kit, those guys do some cool stuff. Don't forget the SAE hex keys for fox forks. Ultimately, you'll need about six circlip pliers as well. As for the op, learning stuff with friends is easier and more efficient. Share skills and tools with riding buddies. - Joel
  12. tomacropod

    Shimano XT M785 Freehub jamming

    M675. Slx. Different freehub. - Joel
  13. tomacropod

    Bricks and mortar bike shops - are they profitable

    A lot of distributors now realise that these small accounts add up to a lot, and will grow with time. Regional areas can have trouble attracting sales rep visits but there's no reason not to sell to them. Some brands require a line of products to be stocked but this is a minority and usually for...
  14. tomacropod

    Bricks and mortar bike shops - are they profitable

    Starting in a garage is a good way to test things out and build a client base at low cost. Quite a few successful bike shops and importers started as home businesses. There's a gap for a shop in Wright or nearby. - Joel
  15. tomacropod

    Bricks and mortar bike shops - are they profitable

    Is your market (Canberra) big enough to specialise in a discipline? How will your money come in, for the first 12 months? Are you prepared to work on crappy bikes and pretend to be interested? high end mtb could, with time, make up perhaps 30% of your revenue. It will take time and hard work to...
  16. tomacropod

    Bricks and mortar bike shops - are they profitable

    There are still bike mechanics in Canberra? Summit cycles is a good example of a shop taking a risk and doing well, on the face of it. Time will tell. Other specialists like Ride in workshop, cheeky transport etc are not solely aimed at mtb but have a diverse enough clientele and staff to be...
  17. tomacropod

    Ness wheels freehub/Pawls

    Where's the picture? Have seen most types of rebadged hubs over the years, would help a lot. Pic of hub, freehub and axle. - Joel
  18. tomacropod

    Tool assistance

    The freehub body bolt does indeed use an Allen key. It has the 12 point shape so that the ID is larger than with a 6 sided hex, therefore allowing the axle through. I'm guessing that a pivot axle passes through your 12 sided fitting with minimal clearance? The amount of torque required to remove...
  19. tomacropod

    what the fork?

    Just the dust seal and foam ring kit you can get from anywhere probably. Tbsm , pushys , lbs. Budget about $60. - Joel
  20. tomacropod

    what the fork?

    First of all - there's no tuning you can do with the CTD Evolution forks. If you want improved performance - get a FIT cartridge installed. Depending on whether than $300 is just for the cartridge or includes fitting labour you will get some discount from combining a normal service with the new...