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  1. foxpuppet

    New Gravity park in NSW (Mid North Coast?)

    Anyone got some dirt (no pun) on this facility built by East Coast Mountain Trails? Looks like some pretty sweet features so far with a similar look to the terrain from...
  2. foxpuppet

    Pushy’s Sydney Store?

    I was hunting around for a new premises for our shop a few months back and was given the details of a then vacant shopfront on Pennant Hills Rd in Thornleigh nsw. Simply put the rent was too far out of our price range. Then a few weeks later I was informed it was now leased. Not long after that...
  3. foxpuppet

    Dream Bike for the wife - Juliana Maverick - GOT IT!

    ITS HERE After some input on bike build for my wife’s new bike - she’s paying! She is coming off my 2011 specialized S-works Evo 150mm 2 bike shops have provided quotes Shop a is a CC custom build Shop b is a C R full build Juliana is hard to find here so both shops are ordering in...
  4. foxpuppet

    Wood Fired Ovens

    Is anyone here using or have used a wood fired oven for home cooking? In rural/regional areas I can see it being great but in suburban sydney I’m not so sure. Looking for some real world usage as I’m considering getting some in for my shop but it’s hard to gauge how good an overall...
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    Looking for the Riding video with drummer

    There was a video posted a while back by someone on here that featured a rider cruising his local trail with a drummer set up playing his kit along the trail. Anyone know where it is or got a link. Can’t remember the trail or the name of the rider/poster. Looked about 5+ years old. Sent from...
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    3 things I love

    Sick riding Santa Cruz bikes Drones Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    AM Hightower LTCc

    Officially joined the syndicate - picked up this LTcc on Sunday. Built up by Brad Kelly at Driftbikes (Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner’s SoHe mechanic) so it’s running primo! First ride and bettered a long standing PR on a local segment by 4 seconds without even pushing and I’ve hammered at that...
  8. foxpuppet

    Demo Vs New - Bronson

    Just after some advice on buying a Demo Model vs New A few shops are offloading Demo Models of Santa Cruz Bronson V2, so I've been sussing out a deal from a few of them but really trying to weigh up if it's worth it for the savings (not unsubstantial) vs getting a new frame and build kit. All...
  9. foxpuppet

    Geo comparison tools?

    Does anyone know of a good online resource for punching in the figures & comparing bike geo? I'm currently thinking of upgrading my bike to something with the newer enduro/trail geo and wheel size. Coming off a '11 sworks stumpy 26" medium frame. I've tested a few different bikes in varied...
  10. foxpuppet

    Killingworth Superflow

    Took the GoPro along on one of the practice runs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. foxpuppet

    Finding Lost Lava Flow after work cruising caught on film
  12. foxpuppet

    New FF Helmet Rules for GE Events

    Just saw a post by Local Club with the following Info from MTBA. Looks like starting January all events labeled as Gravity Enduro will have to have compulsory Full face or Full face with detachable chin bars for race stages and liaison stages (or open face while carrying FF for Liason) Might...
  13. foxpuppet

    NSW @ AWABA DH TRACK - MET Parachute visor screw

    Just realised i lost the top visor screw on my Met Parachute helmet. pretty much know it was between the start and halfway finish of the DH track at awaba, but more than likely at the top before the stairway to heaven section (i loosened it to fit DSLR under visor while taking pics during a...
  14. foxpuppet


    Item: SOLD - 2013 fox float Ctd evolution 120mm tapered QR fork - 26" Location: Berowra NSW Item Condition: very good, some scratches on right hand lower, staunchions perfect. Reason for selling: surplus to needs Price and price conditions: $165 Extra Info: 194mm tapered steerer Taken...
  15. foxpuppet

    Parking infringement notice - one for the brains trust

    What's the go with parking fines, should they be left on the vehicle or just posted to you after the fact? Reason I ask is I got a fine posted to me in the mail from Lane cove council for a no stopping within 10m of an intersection, I'm prepping myself to contest it but I've been thrown a nice...
  16. foxpuppet

    NSW WTB Stans Flow Ex or Arch Ex 26" rear wheel on Hope pro 2 evo hub

    WTB Stans Flow Ex or Arch Ex 26" rear wheel on Hope pro 2 evo hub Item:Stans Flow Ex 26" or Arch Ex 26" rear wheel on Hope pro 2 evo hub Location: Sydney or anywhere if you can post at my cost Item condition description: not too abused Reason for buying: complete wifes bike build, already has...
  17. foxpuppet

    Help wanted - 2013 revelation World Cup air guide

    Does anyone have a set of 2013 REV WC dual position air with the air guide printed on them? My fork has a set of '12 20mm lowers with no sticker on them and want to do some experimenting with my setup. Just keen to see the recommended pressure for my weight and go from there as I've been...
  18. foxpuppet

    NSW - Stolen : Rocky Mountain 790 MSL Altitude Rally Edition

    Brazen thief stole this from Belrose Bicycles today in broad daylight. It's the owners own bike he built up for a whistler trip in 8 weeks. Trying to get word around..... ONE OF A KIND IN AUSTRALIA Rocky Mountain 790 MSL rally edition Enve M70 wheels Fox Float x Fox 36 kashima with yellow...
  19. foxpuppet

    RS Monarch Plus Rc3 vs Fox Float Ctd BV

    The brain shock on my '11 stumpy is a little worse for wear, gonna be $220 to get it serviced and back in good health. I figure at this point it's gonna be a better and more cost effective option to ditch it for a simpler and better design. Lucky for me both RS and Fox are offering models to...
  20. foxpuppet

    Major Bike Shop Theft - Cyclery Northside

    I'll add more details as they come to light with spec and sizes. Cyclery Northside In chatswood was turned over last night with just arrived (last 2 days) 2016 stumpjumpers and venge pro bikes being the targets. Keep an eye out for parts or whole bikes forsale. Stolen bikes are: 52cm 2015...