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  1. rangersac

    TAS Repco Olympic 12 55cm square retro ride

    Item: Repco Olympic 12 Steel, 55cm square road bike in tasteful Pink Cadillac retro livery Location: Hobart, Channel area. Happy to box for postage and transport to courier Item Condition: Overall in decent condition for age Reason for selling: Built for wife who subsequently underwent back...
  2. rangersac

    Sold [HBT or post] Custom 2018 Cotic Rocket XL

    Item: Cotic Rocket, 2018 XL frame, custom build Location: Hobart, can collect in CDB during business hours or Channel area after hours. Happy to box for postage and transport to courier depot Item specs: Frame: 2018 Cotic Rocket, Steel XL Fork: X-Fusion Metric, 170mm Shock: X-Fusion Vector...
  3. rangersac

    TAS [FOUND] 120mm non-boost 29er fork

    Item: 120-130mm non boost 29 inch fork. Something like a Reba, Revelation, Fox 32/34 etc. 165mm+ steerer. No problem with it being a Fox/ RS alternative. Location: Hobart, happy to pay post Item Condition: Good, not too fussed about cosmetic scuffs as long as stanchions are clean and is in good...
  4. rangersac

    TAS [FOUND] 10 speed long cage Shimano rear der or 11 Speed medium cage

    Item: 10 speed long cage Shimano rear derailleur, preferably with clutch or alternatively will go for a 1 x 11 setup so 11 speed medium cage Location: Hobart, but happy to pay post Item Condition: Good working order, doesn't need to be cosmetically beautiful Reason for buying:Kids break shit...
  5. rangersac

    AM The reborn Waltly

    I was anticipating that this build would take some time as despite the ridiculous price the frame was obtained for (thanks @beeb), the bike budget was seriously depleted at time of purchase. Enter @Scotty675, who in the COVID challenged desert like world of bike parts, provides a shining Oasis...
  6. rangersac

    TAS Droppers, NW ring, pads and rear 27.5" boost rear wheel

    After a frenzy of kid bike buying and an impulse Ti hardtail purchase I'm after a few things for upgrades and builds. Might as well ask before smashing the credit card and hitting up @Nerf Herder! Item: 30.9 Internal Dropper, min 150mm drop, preferably 170mm+ Location: Hobart, but anywhere if...
  7. rangersac

    TAS [FOUND] 10sp Shimano Long Cage Clutched Rear Der

    Item: 10 speed Shimano long cage or shimano compatible clutched RD. Location: Hobart, happy to pay postage Item Condition: Good, cosmetic scars ok, must be functional Price and price conditions: Around $50 max depending on unit Extra Info: For the young fellas bike, and not looking to...
  8. rangersac

    TAS FOUND 50-80mm Stem for 31.8 bars

    Item: Stem for standard steerer and 31.8mm bars, somewhere between 50mm and 80mm ideally Location: Hobart, happy to pay postage Item Condition: Good, usable. Colour wise either black, red, or black with some white highlights Price and price conditions: Not too expensive, probably $70 max with...
  9. rangersac

    St Helens Trails

    There's been associated chat about the St Helens trails in various other threads, but now that the network has expanded with several new trails opening recently I feel like it warrants its own stand alone placeholder so here we go. The other catalyst is that our annual club group ride were up...
  10. rangersac

    A new whip for the young shredder - Cube Elite Super HPC Pro

    So the limited lockdown here in Tassie was good for one thing, it got both of my kids into riding. The 11 year is definitely the keener of the two though, and with a trail network at the back gate as well as a recent completed jumps run on the property it would've be a shame to waste the...
  11. rangersac

    TAS FOUND Brakeset, Deore or similar level

    Item: Brakeset for 11 year old's bike to replace a shite set of Juicy 3s Location: Hobart, happy to pay post Item Condition: Good working order, cosmetically don't need to be perfect Price and price conditions: Around $100 would be nice. Extra Info: After an upgrade for some crappy Juicy 3s...
  12. rangersac

    Sold Magura MT5 brake set and bleed Kit

    Item: Magura MT5 brake set and bleed kit Location: Hobart, happy to post Item Condition: Brand spankin', had to open the packaging to take the photo Reason for selling: Bought to upgrade a bike that I ended up selling mid last year. Fleet is uniformly Hope now so no need for these Price and...
  13. rangersac

    TAS [SOLD] Shed rationalisation. Brake pads, drivetrain bits, seat posts, freebies

    Prices are a guide, make offers, discounts for bulk buys etc. All items can be posted at buyers expense at standard Auspost rates. Pick up Hobart southern suburbs or CDB during business hours. Item: Hope E4 metal pads Item Condition: Used, but plenty of meat left Reason for selling: Uberbike...
  14. rangersac

    TAS FOUND - External dropper 30.9

    Item: External dropper. 30.9 diameter Location: Hobart or post Condition: Good used Price Range: Happy to pay a decent chunk of new item price provided in good nick Extra info: Would prefer non Specialized brand.
  15. rangersac

    Sold 10 speed wide range SRAM GX/XX/Sunrace drivetrain

    Item: 10 speed wide range range mini groupset consisting of the following: SRAM GX medium cage 10 speed RD SRAM XX shifter with Hope Tech 3 matchmaker mount SRAM X-Sync Eagle 32T direct mount non boost chainring (6mm offset), but see other info for more options Sunrace 11-42 MX3 standard...
  16. rangersac

    TAS [FOUND] Hope Pro4 Shimano Freehub

    Item: Hope Pro4 Shimano Freehub Condition: Good Location: Hobart or post Price: Happy to pay a reasonable amount if good quality. Description: After a Hope Pro4 Shimano freehub as want to consolidate the fleet on Shimano 11 speed. Willing to swap an XD freehub as well
  17. rangersac

    Sold Banshee Spitfire V2 Large, Custom Build

    Item: Banshee Spitfire V2, Black on black with Slikgraphics red decals. Location: Hobart, TAS. Happy to post. Item Condition: Really excellent Reason for selling: It's a mite on the small side for me, and there's a sexy Cotic up for grabs... Price and price conditions: $2500 Extra Info: Bought...
  18. rangersac

    Namibia - Fat biking

    So yep, fat biking. Slightly better than e-bikes but not by much etc. Except when you are on Tattooine they go alright. Anyway wound up in Swarkoptmund, Namibia after a week’s work in Cape Town, and after getting in touch with my inner bogan quad biking through the area where they shot Mad Max...
  19. rangersac

    Meehan Range Shuttles

    Dirt Art (who run Maydena in case you have been living under a rock) are planning a shuttle service and new free public access trails in the Meehan Range trail network. These trails are 10 minutes drive from Hobart CDB
  20. rangersac

    TAS FOUND SRAM 9sp Long Cage RD

    Item: SRAM 9 speed long cage rear derailleur, 1:1 ratio Location: Hobart. Happy to pay post Price range/Willing to Pay: Not heaps, around the $30 mark would be good Extra Info: Something like X7/ X9 would do nicely. Doesn't need to be super pretty, just 100% functional.