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  1. Mattyp

    Tokyo 2020

    "Aussies left confused after distinct lack of lawn mowers and angle grinders in opening ceremony" Like it or not the Olympics are here, the World's biggest sporting event. Personally I like it the way I like the TDF, a good distraction from the mindless dribble that normally dominates our...
  2. Mattyp

    MattyP's Boutique Enduro Steed

    So thought I'd do one of these because its lockdown, I cant actually ride my bike anywhere and we all need a good laugh. Also as a bit of a warm up for when the new build starts. Frame - 2019 Géante Règne Avancé Rear shock - DVO Topaz T3 Air Front shock/fork - DVO Onyx D1 @ 170mm Handlebars -...
  3. Mattyp

    VIC M8100 Shimano XT Master Cylinder / Lever FRONT (right)

    Item: M8100 Shimano XT Master Cylinder / Lever FRONT (right) Location: Melbourne / online Price range/Willing to Pay: RRP Extra Info: Lent a brake to a mate so he could race Bright Gravity Enduro as he damaged his brake the night before. Crashed and cracked my brake, shit happens, just want to...
  4. Mattyp

    VIC SRAM 76BCD 34-36T Chainring

    Item: SRAM 76BCD 34/36T Chainring Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends what its worth to you. Extra Info: Looking for a bigger chainring for some 11SPD XX1 Cranks, Hoping someone might have a half worn one laying around. The alternative is to piss off the spider and go...
  5. Mattyp

    Product Review Good Year Newton ST 2.6 / Newton 2.4 Intial Impressions

    Item: 2.6" Newton ST , 2.4" Good Year Newton both in EN Ultimate Casing Purchased From: Good Year RRP (approx): $119 each Usage: Aggressive Trail / Enduro also available in DH casing Pros - Fast Rolling, Good Cornering Grip, Good Side wall support Cons - Average Mud Clearing, Price...
  6. Mattyp

    VIC SOLD: Five Ten Impact Sam Hill Edition Shoes 2019

    Item: 5:10 Sam Hill Edition Location: Derrimut, vic Item Condition: Worn Twice, excellent condition Reason for selling: Unwanted Gift, I have too many pairs of shoes already. Price and price conditions: $130 + postage, prefer local pickup Extra Info: Size US 11, as per...
  7. Mattyp

    The Tyre Pressure Thread

    Going off a recent conversation, interested to see what people are running, feel free to elaborate on Tyre / Rider Weight / Cushcore / Type of Riding
  8. Mattyp

    Sold SOLD **,BRAKES SRAM CODE R front + rear

    Item: SRAM CODE R Front and Rear Complete Location: Derrimut Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to Shimano Saint Price and price conditions: $300 + postage, or local pickup Extra Info: Removed from my 3 month old Giant Reign, these were internally routed so will need to be...
  9. Mattyp

    VIC SOLD ------- SRAM Guide R Front + Rear Brakes

    Item: Sram Guide R Front and Rear Lever/Callipers Location: Derrimut, Vic Item Condition: Basically new, couple of little superficial marks, came off a 2 week old bike about a year ago and kept as spares. Front Hose - 850mm Rear Hose -1580, pads in excellent condition only did 2 short rides...
  10. Mattyp

    Sram Chain Compatability

    So my bike came with a PC XX1 sram chain, after having this break recently on a ride I did a quick trailside fix to finish my ride and get back to the car which meant the chain was now too short. Anyway, I went to my local bikeshop to get a new chain and they only had PC1170 chains in stock...
  11. Mattyp

    Gravity enduro national series 2017

    RD1 Overall Results
  12. Mattyp

    VIC [SOLD] trek fuel ex9 2013

    SOLD! Item: Trek FUEL EX9 2013 SMALL Location: Hoppers Crossing, Vic Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: New Bike Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info...
  13. Mattyp

    You Yangs DH newtrack vid 20/1/08

    Just a vid i made last weekend at the You Yangs practice day. quality is pretty shitty but thats youtube for ya. May contain some french.
  14. Mattyp

    Long Gulley Results

    What happened with the results, i heard they got lost / deleted. Whats gonna happen are they gonna make them up like last time this happened?
  15. Mattyp

    4X, 21 October

    Since our 4X racing calendar so full, Lilydale BMX club have decided to try something new. They are holding a club race on Friday 21 October and there will be a 4x class as well. Anyone on a MTB can race and there will be day licenses avaible for anyone who does not hold a current BMXA or MTBA...
  16. Mattyp

    4-cross Interest.

    got a possibility for frequent 4cross events, see this thread for more details:
  17. Mattyp

    Interest in 4cross Events...Melbourne

    Was talking to the guys from my local BMX club today, and they're really keen to get a class going for Mountain Bikes at Club Races etc.... So im posting this up as an expression of interest, if we get good numbers and people are genuinely interested then its most probably going to happen. I...
  18. Mattyp

    Manitou -> Hayes 8" adaptor

    I'm after an adaptor to fit a Hayes HFX9 calliper (8inch rotor) onto a Manitou sherman fork. Like this: Preferably in Melbourne. Gonna have a go at making one at work....if that doesnt work then yeh, whoever has one they are willing to part with i'll get back to yaz.
  19. Mattyp

    Haro 8.3 or....Giant STPzero

    cant make up my mind..both bout the same price....Giant couple hundred cheaper...... any one got any experience with either of these?