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    Fork bushings

    Another fun area I’ve been playing with is fork bushings. Fork bushings are a critical part of forks that all too often get neglected until they have worn through the stanchions coating. Bushings are the contact points between the uppers and lowers, that the stanchions slide on. Many many...
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    CSU rebuilding

    During lockdown I bought myself a 20 ton press and taught myself how to rebuild CSU’s following Oliver Majewski’s (Blue Liquid Labs) method. Crowns make hideous creaking noises due to corrosion forming on the mating surfaces between stanchions and crown, and steerer and crown. Locktite 609 is...
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    Xprezo Adhoc

    I bought this frame off @NoFilter for a bargain price as the linkage is shagged, and Xprezo closed up shop a few years ago, leaving the poor girl destined for the scrap heap. Xprezo was a boutique, hand built frame manufacturer in Canada. Aluminium front triangle, CroMo rear triangle. Stock...
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    Genetic sequencing

    Gattica has fully arrived. I’ve very likely got a few gene mutations, specifically the MTHFR mutation. B vitamins are a huge problem for me My doctor yesterday told me it will be about $100 for a local test just to look at the MTHFR mutation, or it’s $300 usd for full genetic sequencing from...
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    VIC WTB: boys 16” bike in Melb

    Item: Boys 16” bmx Location: Greater Melbourne ideally Price range/Willing to pay: you tell me Extra info: birthday end of the month for the little guy.
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    Photo of poodle finally found

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    The great bike shortage of 2020

    As if 2020 hasn’t fucked with us enough yet, here is what Merida are telling dealers with regards to supply of new bikes. I had heard this verbally from a few store owners with regards to many brands, and was sent this tonight, the dates are eye watering: “here is a post from one of my...
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    FOUND: Wahoo Tickr/Tickr X heart rate monitor

    Item: Wahoo Tickr/Tickr X heart rate monitor Location: Covid central, Melbs. post please Price range/Willing to pay: 60-80? happy to talk swaps Extra Info: somehow I've lost all three. Need a wahoo for heart rate variability measurements Pictures:
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    Strava drops Bluetooth support

    “When you record a workout on Strava, it’s our job to make sure your effort is captured accurately and reliably. We recently discovered that pairing Bluetooth heart rate monitors and power meters directly with the app is causing Strava to crash for millions of athletes — most of whom don’t even...
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    Two enter, one leaves

    Need a tag along for the little guy. I don’t want to be stuck on fire trails, and he’s a little sensitive to rough tracks. So I’m thinking the rear triangle from this curb side find and a steel framed tag along bike will get mashed together.
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    WTB: 28T XX1 chainring. Found

    Item: SRAM XX1 chainring in 28T Location: post works well Price range/Willing to Pay:show me condition Extra Info: need to drop down from 30T.
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    Kid hauling bike version 2

    While I’m off sick and incapacitated, I’ve slowly been working on getting the kids seat onto an old Norco Sasquatch frame I got from Poodles. Built like a tank. It’s hard to fit a kid seat onto a small or medium frame with enough room for your ass on the seat to allow proper off road riding...
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    VIC SWAP: XT shifter and mech for SRAM shifter and mech FOUND

    Item: Swap my XT 10 speed I specB shifter and derailleur for your Sram 10 speed shifter and derailleur Location: Aust post are pretty good Price range/Willing to pay: swap Extra info: To go on the Norco Sasquatch with a kids seat on the back. Shifter is a SL-M780-B Derailleur is a RD-M786...
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    WTB: cheap triple ring cranks. FOUND

    Item: Triple ring cranks CHEAP Location: Aust post are pretty good Price range/Willing to pay: you tell me, drop me a pm Extra info: basic spec. . To go on the ex wife’s bike, will be a bike path bike. With bb would be ace. 68/72mm threaded
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    WTB: Cheap Shimano hydro brakes FOUND

    Item: Shimano hydro brakes CHEAP Location: Aust post are pretty good Price range/Willing to pay: you tell me, drop me a pm. I’m thinking 50-70 buck region. Functional, cosmetics are less important. Extra info: deore, or even below deore spec. To go on the ex wife’s bike, will be a bike path...
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    Rockshox yari and lyrix 29” fork recall

    The company said the forks' lower legs can break. The CPSC said SRAM had received no reports of incidents in the field. The forks were sold in the aftermarket and as original equipment on several bike models. The recall involves 29-inch forks with serial numbers 02T95514009 through...
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    VIC WTB: seasucker roof bike mount. Found

    Item: Seasucker roof rack Location: Aust post are pretty good Price range/Willing to pay: you tell me, drop me a pm Extra info: no easy roof rack options for the new bimmer, and I hate roof rack noise, plus the extra hit to fuel economy isn’t welcome. Need to transport one bike. Two or four...
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    VIC WTB: 29” 32 hole carbon rim FOUND

    Item: Carbon rim 29” 32 hole 21-25mm ID Location: Aust post are pretty good Price range/Willing to pay: you tell me, drop me a pm Extra info: for the bike packing bike.
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    Shimano geoblock for USA and Canada

    Shimano has introduced geoblocking, from Jan 1 2019 CRC will not be able to sell Shimano into USA and Canada. I'm guessing we are going to be included at some point too. Discussions on arsebook trade groups suggests it is coming. Order up everyone.
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    A bike for the mag trainer

    Building up a complete bucket of shit for the stationary trainer bike that will live at work. A Giant NRS that spent winter in the rain at CTGuru’s house. Please tell me how a 6 foot dude rode a medium framed Giant NRS with 160mm rotors, RS Judy forks and 600 wide bars? It feels sketchy in the...