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  1. kip01

    Dirt jumper forks

    What axle?
  2. kip01

    VIC WTB Dirt jump frame

    I have a Dartmoor Cody frame I might sell pm if interested
  3. kip01

    Intense Mag30 rim 32h

    I have a built 36 mag on 135 qr dice if thats any better?
  4. kip01

    Intense Mag30 rim 32h

    I've got a 32h rim pretty scratched up but can't see any flats, what size hub is your frame?
  5. kip01

    Intense Mag30 rim 32h

    Pretty sure I have a spare its pretty scratched up from memory tho
  6. kip01

    Swap pike 409 or Mr T for150 rear axle frame

    Got a medium m3 frame however Probably to small for you and it requires allot of work
  7. kip01

    NSW Sold found, no longer relevant

    What happened to the gt fury
  8. kip01

    VIC Sold

  9. kip01

    VIC Sold

    Yes still available and 1.5 straight steerer 20mm axle, there is no damper in these only air spring
  10. kip01

    VIC Don't let things get thrown out!

    Hey planko let me know if the gt falls might be keen
  11. kip01

    Little Things You Hate

    How many orange Send me some pics of the forks ofcourse
  12. kip01

    Little Things You Hate

    All good man probably a good thing anyway as I don't need a 4th pair
  13. kip01

    TAS project frames!!!

    Nice project for ya
  14. kip01

    VIC Boost Straightpull rear hub 28h

    Got a sun ringle straight pull hub
  15. kip01


    Have a sun ringle boost hub here you can have cheap
  16. kip01

    TAS Cheap dually or hardtail frame to suit 26" wheels

    You said cheap I give you cheap
  17. kip01

    TAS Cheap dually or hardtail frame to suit 26" wheels
  18. kip01

    VIC Sold

    No damper
  19. kip01

    VIC Sold

    Yes talas damper complete no rebound damper at all
  20. kip01

    VIC Sold

    Item: fox 36 talas 140-180mm 1.5 steerer 26inch missing rebound assembly Location: Melbourne se Item Condition: pretty good Reason for selling: unwanted project Price and price conditions: $100 or will swap for some gxp direct mount cranks of similar value. Extra Info: 22cm steerer comes...