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  1. Stredda

    Feet going painfully numb when descending

    I was wondering if anyone on here has had issues with their feet going numb when descending? My wife has recently started having this trouble, and when the fun bit of the ride is uncomfortable and painful, it takes a lot of the joy out of getting on the bike. She rides on flats and has tried...
  2. Stredda

    Flat Earth, religion, exBurner, roadie hate, alien existence, mushrooms and badgers thread

    Has anyone ever com across a flat earther? Until recently I’d only ever seen dodgy YouTube videos about the subject but I actually met one the other day. His opinion comes from a religious aspect and he has well gone down that rabbit hole a long time ago and hasn’t come back out. It was funny...
  3. Stredda

    More trails for Tassie! Burnie MTB Park

    Another new development on the Northwest Coast of Tassie is the construction of the Burnie MTB Park. Achieved by the work put in by the Eum Bay Trail Alliance (an arm of the Cradle Coast Mountain Bike Club) as managed to get the Burnie city council behind the first stage with funding a urban...
  4. Stredda

    2021 Trans Tasmania Enduro

    So who's going? I'm was keen but since they moved the date forward it's right before my local round of the Tas Gravity Enduro series and I don't think I can back up a 5 day enduro with another enduro :D
  5. Stredda

    New cranks are in order

    Wanted: A set of Alloy GXP cranks to replace my buggered SRAM XX1 Sync PF BB92 carbon ones. Finding sourcing a new set quite difficult.
  6. Stredda

    SRAM 11 speed upgrade options

    My 2015 Norco Sight came out with SRAM 11 speed running gear. It had a 10/42 cassette and a 32 tooth chain ring and XD driver. A while back I wanted a better climbing gear, when the first cassette was toast, I redid the drive train and used a E-thirteen cassette to give me a 46 tooth climbing...
  7. Stredda

    More trails in Tassie!! West Coast's first purpose built MTB trail, Oonah Hill, Zeehan

    The latest Tassie mountain bike offering has just opened! The Oonah Hill Trail is a purpose-built trail that carves through open button grass hills, down into tea tree forest and past old mining structures on the outskirts of Zeehan. I'm heading down on Sunday to check it out :D Next Level...
  8. Stredda

    Pinkbike Return to Earth challenge

    Anyone doing the challenge? I crossed off day one with a 5:30am ride in the pissing rain :D Ridelog from Jul 2, 2019
  9. Stredda

    Roland Anti-Gravity Park

    A big Easter announcement! On the back of the success of the Maydena Gravity Park, the Kentish MTB Collective would like to announce the plans for the next big cycling project for Tasmania, the Roland Anti-Gravity Park! With backing from a $26 billion federal grant construction will begin...
  10. Stredda

    Another Tassie trail kick off.... Dial Range!

    Wow it's been a big month for mountain biking in Tassie! It has just been announced that the Cradle Coast Mountain Bike Club have been successful with a Cycle Tourism Strategy grant application for Stage 1 of the Dial Range Master plan. The grant from the state government adds to the $58,000...
  11. Stredda

    Wild Mersey, Tassie's next big MTB project

    I've been involved with this project the last 4 years and great to see it finally kick off. 100km of trails once completed 10min from the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. Anyone interested in more details can join the group...
  12. Stredda

    Race Plates/bibs?

    G'day all, I'm looking for a good reliable place to get some race plates printed. Our club is hosting the Australian Masters Games soon so need some custom plates. Cheers!
  13. Stredda

    150mm dropper post in a Norco Sight Carbon?

    Does anyone have experience with fitting an 150mm dropper post into a Norco Sight Carbon? Mine is a 2015 model and I want to upgrade for longer travel and also really don't like the Reverb it came with.
  14. Stredda

    Bike hire in Townsville?

    I'm holidaying in Townsville from the 12th of July for a few days and want to know if there is some where I could hire a mountain bike to check out the local trails? Cheers, Chris
  15. Stredda

    Giant P TRX1 rims cracking and tubeless conversion

    My brother has not long bought himself a new Trance 1 and we found the rear Giant P TRX1 carbon rim had cracked near the valve. Anyone else had this issue? Is covered under warranty and a mate of mine with a new Trance advanced had his crack in the same place. Also has anyone done a tubeless...
  16. Stredda

    Bronson owners only selling the frame??

    What's the go with Santa Cruz Bronson owner only selling the frames?? I've seen so many ads and 90% of the time they only sell the frame. I know you can buy it as frame only but a lot have the photo of a full bike. Doesn't happen much with other brands.
  17. Stredda

    Good multi tool with 11 speed chain breaker?

    G'day guys. I'm looking to buy a new multi tool as I lost my old Topeak one and now with my Sight being 1 x 11 it needs a 11 speed chain breaker. Anyone with any options?
  18. Stredda

    Which bottle and cage for 2015 Norco Sight?

    G'day all, I'm just about to lash out on a 2015 Norco Sight C 7.1 and would like some advice on a bottle and cage that fits in the frame. The frame is a large btw. Cheers! Chris
  19. Stredda

    Taswegian in Victoria. What are the must ride trails?

    G'day guys and girls. I'm heading over with the family on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry for a weeks holiday in Victoria on the 25th of September (in two weeks!) an we don't have any real set plans as yet. I am taking my Anthem and looking to get some riding in and would like to know what are the...
  20. Stredda

    Gravity Enduro timing questions

    G'day all. Our local club down here in Northwest Tassie is looking into running some gravity enduros soon. We have just purchased a Jaguar timing system which is easy to time laps type race but we are not sure how to handle a multi stage gravity enduro. How are some of the mainland enduros...