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  1. iscarrr

    STOLEN Trek Madone 5.9, Giant Anthem X29, Argon E112, Giant Crosscity 2W

    All the info is listed here: But I'll go through and list each bikes details here too: Bike: Trek Madone 5.9, 2012 - 60cm (road bike) Colour: Navy/white Date it was stolen: July 29, 2013 Where it was stolen: Wollongong, NSW Specs: Quarq Elsa powermeter...
  2. iscarrr

    Mailing a frame to Europe

    (I've searched, and haven't found anything useful!) I need to ship a frame to Spain. It doesn't need to be super fast/express etc, and I'd prefer it to not cost hundreds of dollars if possible. It's an XL frame, just over a kilo, so fairly light, but as far as frames go, fairly big, too big...
  3. iscarrr

    NSW WTB Fork with 1 inch steerer (threadless)

    Sounds decent. Let me get back to you with the length.
  4. iscarrr

    NSW WTB Fork with 1 inch steerer (threadless)

    Item: Any work with a 1 inch steerer that is threadless. Needs v brake mounts. Suspension or not, not too worried. Location: Wollongong, NSW Price range/Willing to Pay: Max 100 Extra Info: Preferably has a decent amount of steerer tube to use too. Basically I've got an old Giant with those...
  5. iscarrr

    Dubstep+ drum&bass

    I believe this track will be part of the album- - Its been around for a month or so I think. It's different, not sure if i really like it or not.
  6. iscarrr

    Rocky Trail's SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix Series 2011

    Am I the only one that cant seem to get their site to load?
  7. iscarrr

    BA classifieds - scams galore?

    A mate linked me with a few roadies this morning from the Bicycling Australia Classifieds - and wow do they have some "amazing deals". It wasnt until i saw a Colnago that I recognised that I was 100% sure almost everything on the site was a scam...
  8. iscarrr

    Totally Over Magpies

    Dam, they always leave me alone in the dark (sleeping? im talking 5:30am here tho, not 8pm) I got smashed by that one at Mount Annan a few weeks ago too. Can't say it was a lot of fun, tho it meant the speed i hit the big rock garden at was a lot higher than normal :D
  9. iscarrr

    Giant Anthem X 29er - See first post for info

    Bought my Anthem 29er, put a 1500g wheelset on it, went tubeless, replaced the stem and bars with lighter options, replaced the grips, and that's it. All the changes were motivated by making this the sweetest race rig possible, without blowing the budget too much of course (if money wasnt an...
  10. iscarrr

    The Husky 100ker

    Nice video guys. Really cool to see groups like yourselves making the effort to put something together like this.
  11. iscarrr

    shimano ultegra 6600 v 6650

    Guessing here, but i think 6650 may just mean compact crankset, meansing 50 tooth big ring, and 34 small ring, vs. the standard/tradiation 53/39. I dont believe there is a 6650 rear derailleur for instance, its all just 6600, even if they say 6650 groupset. So yeah, my money is on the...
  12. iscarrr

    The Husky 100ker

    This is what i heard/found out/was told about the 'shortcut', or people taking a wrong turn, which ever you choose to think: -It was a decent size group made up of elite and some from the front of the 1st wave of open/vets/masters etc. -I don't believe I was ever part of this group, mainly...
  13. iscarrr

    The Husky 100ker

    Been raining heavy for hours here. Was down at callala beach pizza place.. And it rained heavy for the duration. Not keen :( any word from the official guys? Ps pizza place was a joke. almost 2 hours wait!
  14. iscarrr

    The Husky 100ker

    Quick question about the race start. So Elite are all lined up for 7:30, bang off they all go - the rest of the field hangs a min, and then based on self seeding, groups of 60 or so are let go? i.e there aren't allocated start times or anything like that? Presumably your time starts as you...
  15. iscarrr

    The Husky 100ker

    I really hope the forecast is wrong. 20mm of rain on Sunday will suck big time.
  16. iscarrr

    SHCC 3Hr XC Enduro 24th July:Welby via Mittagong

    No worries. All understood, cheers!
  17. iscarrr

    SHCC 3Hr XC Enduro 24th July:Welby via Mittagong

    Hey guys, Event looks really cool, im probably 75% coming at this point. Just gota sort out some logistics 1st! Anyway, I really hate to be focus on the negatives, but weather... Of course forecasts, especially long range, have been...
  18. iscarrr

    Cadel wins a stage!

    Watching the highlights as i ate my breakfast this morning i was just in shock. Couldnt believe what i was seeing. So impressed. Love this photo, max effort:
  19. iscarrr

    Back protection

    Had to read the title a couple of times, thought you meant bike protection. I've never heard of back protection, especially for XC. Fair enough, it sounds like you had a decent spill and hurt your back, but honestly i wouldn't say its a common injury. If you're serious about back protection i...
  20. iscarrr

    Sunglasses (8-)

    Got some Radars for Christmas last year and couldnt be happier. Went through various pairs of cheap brands, all annoyed me for whatever reason, not comfortable, fogging up etc. Recommended: Actually slight downside to the...