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    Item: > Kona one20 Supreme Location: > ACT Item Condition: > Good Reason for selling: > Army is moving me, wont have time to ride Price and price conditions: >$950 firm Extra Info: > Tubeless > Comes with clips > Recently...
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    NWD 10 Dust and bones

    Its always good when someone uploads the whole film onto youtube. Enjoy!
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    MOJO bikes?

    Just saw an advert for these bikes, they look pretty cool! . I dont know about the quality of parts and everything, but the customisation options are pretty rad. Any thoughts or has anyone actually ever bought one?
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    Race bars to flats

    Hey Rotorburn, I am changing an old roadbike into a commuter bike. However I am unsure how to go about the change over of breaks and gears. If anyone has any info on this or input at all, it would be appreciated. Also I am wondering what bars to get, maybe Funn? cheers
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    Please delete

    Decided, cheers for all the help again!
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    XC all mountain help

    Hey Rotorburn, I have been planning on buying an XC/all mountain bike, however I am finding it hard to balance on the fine line between trail riding, climbing, and of course decent ;) In the past I have done quite a bit of ameture DH, so my riding style is pretty rough which is not suited to...
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    My new helmet

    I scored a 661 half nut from torpedo 7 for only $14 the other day, however it looked a tad boring. Thanks to foxridersco I got my hands on a stack of old school stickers! Anyway, here is the result, now I just have to use it XD
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    Really easy question about hubs...

    I dont understand the difference between hubs! Are some of them stronger? Faster? Lighter? How should a hub be chosen, as at the moment I am only working on color and sound, which hhas never proved to be good (exept with girls, then it works pretty well) Any info would be most appreciated!
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    Leaf stems

    I am looking at getting a leaf stem, and was just wondering what the dif is between their evo 1 2's and 3's? The site is in german and I cant find the english one : S cheers edit: found the aus one
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    Mental pedals

    I was just looking for some pedals and came across these shin biters. They just look like they are waiting to cause damage!
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    Thread counter?

    Maybe there should be a number on your home page displaying the most replies you have ever got to a thread? That could be interesting... (hopes for many replies XD)
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    SA Found

    Found 123456677890-
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    Best dodgy cheap fix you have done.

    We have all at one point said: aaaaaaah, a bit of duct tape, a few zip ties and sh'l be right! So what is your best dodgy fix? Personally I fixed about 7 punctures in one tube just by wrapping it with duct tape. Then I proceeded to ride on it for 7-8 months with no problem at all. :D I cant...
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    Shinnies or knees?

    Hey guys, what do you prefer, just shin guards or just knee? I am tossing up between the two for buying veggies or 661 kyle straites... what gets damaged the most in your oppinion?
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    The worm flip

    The worm flip
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    Have you heard the word? Well the ramones have...

    The Ramones have Epic
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    Building a bike

    A pretty easy question, would I be able to build a bike for around $1000? (omfg what a stinge~~~) I was looking at something like a suburban frame (they are around 300 right?) and then just general parts on top of that. Nothing speccy. It becomes apparent now that this would be quite hard...
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    Modifying gears

    I had a thought the other day about some custom gears. Would I be able to change my 8 spd rear to a 3? I am pretty sure that it would just be a matter of adjusting the cams so that on the the first/last 3 gears work on my shifter. Has anyone ever tried this before? Moreover, has...
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    SA Digits, dirt paws small gloves

    Please use the TEMPLATE
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    SA Found