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  1. yuley95

    POS Blackie the bike formerly known as Project FD1 XTC 29er

    Could be the angle of the photo messing with things but it does look a little ‘tucked under’ EDIT: should also say that it looks like a great build and lots of fun!
  2. yuley95

    2021 Trans Tasmania Enduro

    Those bloody Canadians are responsible for everything bad
  3. yuley95

    Tyre inserts - Tried them yet?

    in the interests of transparency, I may have put on 200gm over covid :eek:
  4. yuley95

    Tyre inserts - Tried them yet?

    It was easier to fit than the Cushcore. I haven't tried others such as the ARD but I assume it may be slightly more difficult than them. It is the same principle as the Cushcore. It sits in the rim bed and is quite broad so that it pushes against with sidewalls of the bottom third of the tyre...
  5. yuley95

    Tyre inserts - Tried them yet?

    So... I tried Cushcore and felt like it wasn't for me. It added a lot of weight and I didn't really feel the damping effect that others feel. Basically, for someone who is reasonably light (72kg) and not ploughing rock gardens 24/7 the weight negative outweighed any potential positive of saving...
  6. yuley95

    2021 Trans Tasmania Enduro

    How much pottery are you taking? That stuff will fly off the shelves at the Salamanca market.
  7. yuley95

    Marino Bike Co rigs.

    Someone’s gunning for a spot in the douche thread. And it ain’t @wkkie actually - doesn’t it appear the response from the green one was delivered on 29 December…
  8. yuley95

    Your dark past.

    yep - that's a beauty. I haven't made a major piece like that but feel similar about wanting to work more with my hands on building things if it would pay bills. I'm working now at a desk I built. I build one for my kids and there are various pieces around the house that I whipped up including a...
  9. yuley95

    All my Aliexpress MTB purchases reviewed.

    How did you know which one you needed - just by visual comparison or is there a list to review??
  10. yuley95

    All my Aliexpress MTB purchases reviewed.

    Anyone had any luck finding bike specific derailleur hangers on Ali? All I can find is shitloads of pictures without any description and I don't really want to have to make a ‘best-guess’ at something like that. Cheers
  11. yuley95

    QLD Banshee Titan XL, raw

    Good gravy that’s a sexy bike and well priced. If I wasn’t already in a happy relationship with my Transition Sentinel, I would be giving this thing sexy eyes. GLWS
  12. yuley95

    Your dark past.

    A gentleman never tells… it was a short and boring novel
  13. yuley95

    Your dark past.

    Yeah, not gonna beat that. I once wrote a novel that no one wanted to pay real dollars for and also made some short films that failed to launch my international film career. In other news - my dinning table looks a lot like yours. Messmate?
  14. yuley95

    ACT SOLD Ibis Ripmo AF. Large.

    I was just at Bright last week. Running mint. This is the perfect bike for it. They are running shuttles every day of the week over school holidays and the best way to bump up your skills is to do shuttles for a day or two…
  15. yuley95

    Michelin Wild Enduro issue [Warranty?]

    Just went to the shed and checked mine. Wild Enduro front and back. Been on there for a bit over a year and all good. I note there has been no stock in 29” for a loooong time so maybe they have known issues??
  16. yuley95

    VIC Garage sale - Ti fork, handlebars, tyres, brake rotors...

    I better take one of the 2.5 minions. I’ll pm and sort out some cash
  17. yuley95

    Newly Released Bikes General

    With apologies to Orange fans - somebody please kill this thing with fire
  18. yuley95

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    I replaced some dainese trail skins with some ion k-pact knee pads a few months back and really rate then. They were very snug to get on at first but I’m either more used to them now or they have loosened up just a touch. Very comfy and much better protection than the trail skins (to be fair...
  19. yuley95

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    The question is, have we reached peak douche?
  20. yuley95

    You laugh you lose

    But your account is private…