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  1. Yeti-Brenno

    ACT Sold

    Item: 2010 Giant glory 00 Location: Canberra, ACT Item Condition: Used but in good condition overall, bike has small dent in down tube which is unnoticeable and has not caused any concern. Reason for selling: It isn't being used and is a waste of space in the garage, sad to see it go :(...
  2. Yeti-Brenno

    2011 stromlo state round - sunday

    photos are here feel free to tag yourself or friends , enjoy :)
  3. Yeti-Brenno

    2011 Stromlo state round - saturday practice

    photos are here
  4. Yeti-Brenno

    downhill trails in sydney around menai

    Hey guys just wondering if there are any downhill trails in menai, i will be around there this weekend and deciding whether to bring a bike or not , if so let me know. Cheers
  5. Yeti-Brenno

    ACT Sold

    Item: 2010 fox 40s Rc2 fit Location:Canberra ACT Item Condition: Forks are in great condition mechanically and cosmetically with only a very small mark on them on the uppers from cable rub, have had a recent service and they are running well. Reason for selling:2011 world cups Price and...
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    Item: wanting 2010 or 2011 boxxer world cups Location: im in Canberra Item Condition: forks to be in decent running condition , with not alot of wear and tear Reason for selling: i prefer the feel of boxxers to 40's Price and price conditions: FOUND Extra Info: my forks are in great running...
  7. Yeti-Brenno

    The pinnacle.

    hey all convinced dad to come out to my track today for a shoot , some of them turned out alright i thought , camera is a canon 1000D enjoy
  8. Yeti-Brenno

    Lake burrinjuck

    hey guys , just wondering are there any trails at lake burrinjuck ? cheers
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    Bike found
  10. Yeti-Brenno

    Sold !!

    Sold sold !!
  11. Yeti-Brenno

    Rubbing brake cables

    hey guys . i was jsut wondering if its normal that when you pedal your right crank rubs up against the stray rear brake cable, leading the cable to fray? if this is not normal can you guys give me a solution on how to fix this? thankyou
  12. Yeti-Brenno

    2010.5 colony descendant?

    hi rotorburners i am interested in buying a 2010.5 colony descendant for $899 is this deal worth it? what do you guys think about the bike? cheers brendon
  13. Yeti-Brenno

    First Tricks On a BMX

    hey all, im fairly new to riding BMX i was just wondering what are some of the first tricks i should try to learn are? any tricks involving street,park or dirt are fine This doesnt include things like bunnyhops or manuals. thanks guys
  14. Yeti-Brenno

    Finding a New bike.

    hey guys im looking at later in the year buying a BMX bike. im looking at spending about $500- $800 on a bike. here are two of the bikes i was looking at can you all tell me which one is better and why? thanks...
  15. Yeti-Brenno

    online surveys paying job?

    hey guys while i was looking for a job online found this site just wondering if anyones used it and if its a scam cheers
  16. Yeti-Brenno

    06 glory question?

    hey everyone just a few days ago i got a 2006 giant glory i was just wondering if i should leave the shock cover on or off? because i have seen people with it on and some people having it taken off aswell. cheers
  17. Yeti-Brenno

    ACT Found

    Item: giant glory complete bike any year model 06-09 Location: ACT canberra, willing to pay for postage Item Condition: in good condition no cracks dents etc. Reason for buying: wanting to upgrade and like the feel of glorys Price and price conditions: 1600 - 1800 Extra Info: can trade for...
  18. Yeti-Brenno

    ACT Sold sold !!

    [[/B]Item: 2008 norco atomik size small Location: ACT , canberra Item Condition: condition is great rides super smooth and feels great. no problems with the bike at all. Reason for selling: wanting a glory , and larger frame Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: this bike rides...
  19. Yeti-Brenno

    ACT Sold sold

    Item: 661 helmet ( blue and white ) Location: ACT , canberra Item Condition: in good condition has had no stacks on it marks from where stickers have been Reason for selling: got a new helmet and need money for new frame Price and price conditions: $ 50 - $ 70 Extra Info: was bought from...
  20. Yeti-Brenno

    ACT Sold sold

    Item: 2008 norco atomik frame size small Location:canberra,ACT Item Condition: frame is in great condition couple of marks from shuttles. the frame has been well maintained and is running smoothly. Reason for selling: bigger size frame, wanting a glory frame Price and price conditions: start...