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  1. Yeti-Brenno

    ACT Sold

    Item: 2010 Giant glory 00 Location: Canberra, ACT Item Condition: Used but in good condition overall, bike has small dent in down tube which is unnoticeable and has not caused any concern. Reason for selling: It isn't being used and is a waste of space in the garage, sad to see it go :(...
  2. Yeti-Brenno

    2011 world champs Champéry - Switzerland

    same , my heart kinda dropped
  3. Yeti-Brenno

    2011 stromlo state round - sunday

    photos are here feel free to tag yourself or friends , enjoy :)
  4. Yeti-Brenno

    2011 Stromlo state round - saturday practice

    photos are here
  5. Yeti-Brenno

    Sam who?

    i'd have to say for styles i'd choose blinky anyday.
  6. Yeti-Brenno

    Little Things You Hate

    when there's lumps in your milk :(
  7. Yeti-Brenno

    Little Things You Love

    warm showers after footy training :)
  8. Yeti-Brenno

    Kona Operator

    go the glory - purely because they come with a great build kit
  9. Yeti-Brenno

    light weight dual suspension.

    A 2010 Giant faith or a Jamis parker would suit you , you can find them pretty cheap 2nd hand.
  10. Yeti-Brenno

    UCI World Cup 2011 DHI 1 - Pietermaritzburg RSA

    yeah i have percect sound and just a frozen picture :(
  11. Yeti-Brenno

    UCI World Cup 2011 DHI 1 - Pietermaritzburg RSA

    freecaster is working now (: hopefully it is for others aswell
  12. Yeti-Brenno

    UCI World Cup 2011 DHI 1 - Pietermaritzburg RSA

    500 server error yeah im recieving this same message aswell as you guys , :(
  13. Yeti-Brenno

    downhill trails in sydney around menai

    thanks for that mate
  14. Yeti-Brenno

    Downhill & Freeriders

    menai DH Hey all, My names brendon and im looking at maybe riding at menai on saturday. Im new to this area as im from canberra and i am just up for easter. So if anyone can pm me with tracks or anything i could ride saturday that would be awesome . Cheers brenno :)
  15. Yeti-Brenno

    downhill trails in sydney around menai

    Hey guys just wondering if there are any downhill trails in menai, i will be around there this weekend and deciding whether to bring a bike or not , if so let me know. Cheers
  16. Yeti-Brenno

    Tolosa MTB Park Tasmania

    epic roost on that corner
  17. Yeti-Brenno

    Silver Falls Mount Wellington :)

    slow down , you were going way to fast :(
  18. Yeti-Brenno

    What frame to buy

    yeti 575 would suit that real nice
  19. Yeti-Brenno

    ACT Sold

    Item: 2010 fox 40s Rc2 fit Location:Canberra ACT Item Condition: Forks are in great condition mechanically and cosmetically with only a very small mark on them on the uppers from cable rub, have had a recent service and they are running well. Reason for selling:2011 world cups Price and...
  20. Yeti-Brenno


    Item: wanting 2010 or 2011 boxxer world cups Location: im in Canberra Item Condition: forks to be in decent running condition , with not alot of wear and tear Reason for selling: i prefer the feel of boxxers to 40's Price and price conditions: FOUND Extra Info: my forks are in great running...