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    Any XL 650b or 29er frame. Hardtail or up to 5" travel dually max. XC oriented preferred.. But not fussy. Will need forks for a 650b too. Max $800.. The cheaper the better. A nicer alloy 29er hardtail would be ideal. I'm in inner city Sydney, but can easily organise freight.
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    Item: Cheap Sram shifters. Any model. 10spd rear shifter, 2spd front shifter. Location: Inner west Sydney Price range/Willing to Pay: The lowest price Extra Info: To go on my currently drop bar off-road touring bike. Will eventually change the full bike to shimano, so just need something to...
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    A+ camping near Sydney

    Hoping to tap into a little local knowledge here if I can.. Has anyone got some suggestions for decent seaside places to camp within 3-4 hours of Sydney? Somewhere a bit off the beaten track, and not totally packed with kids or caravaners. Either in NP or otherwise. 4WD access is okay. I've...
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    Item: 2013 Large Morewood Sukuma with RP23 shock and extras Location: Inner city Sydney Item Condition: A bit over a year of use, well used.. but well loved.. Some bad chain slap on the bottom of the chainstay (pictured). A couple of scratches on the rest of the frame as expected. Has had...
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    Simple ways to improve core fitness for racing

    So track and cx season are coming up and I wouldnt mind giving it a bit more of a serious stab this year. I'm 197cm and very lean.. usually floating around the low 80kg mark. I've been a bit slack recently on the bike (just rode 2000kms in asia, keen to let my ass recover). But I'm usually...
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    Longish travel 29er forks.

    Item: 120-150mm 29er forks. Suitable for a kona honzo budget build. Any steerer size is okay. 15 or 20mm axle is okay. Rockshock rev would be perfect. But I'm not a brand snob. Location: Sydney. Am in Melbourne regularly. And travel elsewhere reasonably frequently. Will pay postage otherwise...
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    My Cross Asian Adventure

    So this January/February I plan on riding my bike from somewhere in Burma (Yangon or Mandalay) to Ho Chi Mihn City, via various countries in SE Asia. This thread will be a diary for my adventure, and also a place where hopefully some RBers can lend some advice. I've traveled in the region...
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    NSW Mechanical brake levers with split clamp - Avid Speed Dial Ultimate or Dangerboy T101

    What: v brake levers with split clamp so I don't have to remove the grips to get the levers off Where: In Sydney, will pay postage. If anyone has a suggestion for a levers that have these, I'd love to hear it!
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    Semi-decent 26" rim brake wheels

    Item: 26" rim brake compatible wheelset. QR both ends. Disc brake hubs would be handy, but not essentialy. Ideally chasing a set of Shimano or DT swiss centrelock hubs to XM819 UST rims. Single speed only is okay, geared hubs preferred. Location: Sydney, will pay for post Price range/Willing...
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    Casual Sydney Rides

    NoFearNick's 150 page monster thread has been deleted because discussion surrounding illegal trails was becoming far too specific. This is the replacement. Post here if: you're going for a ride, wanting to meet some new like minded people to ride some sweet trails, want to be shown around a...
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    Men with nose piercings

    Throwing it out there for a rotorburn straw poll. Want moorey's brutal honesty, what do you think of a male with a nose piercing? Through the nostril not septum. Try hard? Wanker? Gay? Likely don't care what you guys say and will get it done tomorrow anyway. :behindsofa:
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    NSW Sold

    Item: 2012 XL Giant Trance Advanced SL frame with RP23 Kashima shock + Fox Talas 140 FIT RLC Happy to split bits up Location: Sydney City. Test rides welcome in the area between Newcastle, Canberra and the Gong. FREE POSTAGE Item Condition: Excellent, a few scratches (detailed in pictures)...
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    NSW Sold

    Item: 2012 XL Giant Trance Advanced SL frame with RP23 Kashima shock + Fox Talas 140 FIT RLC Happy to split the bits up Location: Sydney City. Test rides welcome in the area between Newcastle, Canberra and the Gong. FREE POSTAGE Item Condition: Excellent, a few scratches (detailed in...
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    Item: Giant contact dropper seat post + remote Location: Sydney, will post Item Condition: Brand new, ridden for a week. Reason for selling: I've swapped to a fixed post, none of this dropper nonsense Price and price conditions: $150 Extra Info: It goes up and down Pictures: You know...
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    Carbon bars & seatpost

    Will probably just order them new, but thought I'd throw an WTB ad up anyway Item: Flat/drop carbon handlebars, 720mm+, 31.8 diameter. Something along the lines of a Niner flat top RDO or ENVE flatbar. And 30.9 seatpost with zero offset. Super light ones would be good. KCNC scandium...
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    L or XL Trail or AM bike found

    Item: Pretty open to what's out there, but ideally looking at light weight/responsive trail bikes with slightly slacker angles. Banshee spitfire is the big one, but I've been looking at Trance's (particularly carbon models) with anglesets/off set bushings, etc, etc. Basically if you have an L...
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    Item: Pretty flexible on this one, any wheels 700c/29'' sized. To be built onto a CX/commuting bike, they can be rim or disc brake (disc preferred), SS or geared (geared preferred), not too weighty. But I'm very flexible. The bike is capable of running road or mtb wheels. Location: Sydney...
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    USB Molly, super rare 24'' street machine! Cheap as anything, get in quick! Sold

    Item: Union Street Bikes Molly Macguire Location: Inner city Sydney Item Condition: Great, half the bike is new. The frame has been well cared for, I have personally known all the owners of it over the years.. none of us ride it as hard as it deserves. Reason for selling: 26'', need money for...
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    Driving around Australia

    I'm about to set off in a little under a month to do this with my girl. The plan is to be back for uni next year (march). Has anyone done it? Have you got any tips? There isn't much of a plan at the moment, except to be in Robe, SA for Chrissy with the family and then head up north towards...
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    Item: Transition bottlerocket. With two front triangles (red one is medium, black one is a large). Comes with FSA Orbit MX reducer headset, thomson seatpost, both front triangles and a seat clamp to boot! Location: Inner city Sydney Item Condition: The red parts have had very little riding, the...