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    Tyre Warranty ?

    ..... .....
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    Where to stay in Whistler this coming July? Experienced opinions?

    yo guys, have just booked my time off work and booked flights to Whistler leaving the 16th of July and Returning the 31st. Accommodation?! Where is my best bet to look in terms of staying somewhere thats going to have easy access to the village/lifts? Not looking to pay a fortune as it's just...
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    Formula One world championship

    fucking rad
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    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    I'm working on an old 1970 mercedes 200 at the moment. I got wheels for it as well, BBS RS' in 16x12 -28 rears and 16x9.5 -8 fronts. Just finished rebuilding them :D Will post up some pics ASAP
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    QLD sold.

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    QLD sold.

    Still here.
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    QLD sold.

    Hit the top yo!
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    QLD sold.

    TTT. 10char.
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    QLD sold.

    TTT yooooooo
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    QLD sold.

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    The watch thread.

    Yeah its legit! Weirdest way that you have to pay for it, but it goes through Paypal so all good. I have bought 10+ watches from there, I have a breitling that I bought 6 years ago when I was 13 and it still works perfectly.
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    The watch thread.

    If you want HIGH quality replicas, literally piece for piece exact then hit up Andrew on Tell me Jordan sent you and you'll get a nice discount ;) Been using him for years, nothing but awesome stuff; not not necessarily on the cheaper side however! I currently wear a 50mm...
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    GT FURY rear shock choice and opinion comparing to other DH bikes

    Well... I bought this; his Fury frame. I have a BOS rear shock and BOS idylle's for the front which will be going on it.
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    QLD 09 Mongoose Boot (M)- $100 --SOLD--

    Already sold to me.
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    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    Im with AAMI, 19, have a first generation MR2, $1178 for full comp including all modifications...
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    Women, etc.

    I am having major issues with my girlfriend, it just seems like I cannot do ANYTHING to make her happy. I was chatting to this chick on Facebook, and I really do mean chatting like you would to a mate. This was her response after she blew up. "Yes I do because I think you hate me and you...
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    NS Bikes Fuzz

    I think it looks really nice to be honest!
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    Queenstown Bike Festival - Who is coming!?!

    I know I am! Keen to meet up with anyone and everyone if they will be over there!
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    Hey mate! Just a bit of friendly advice, make sure you get your Trading Permission approved as this is not the place to advertise :) Also, I know for sure this is not an 08 Atomik, i'm relatively sure it's an 06?
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    Acquiring a job before 4 month Whistler stay? (For Whistler)

    Hey guys, So essentially, I have talked to a few people before about the possibility of gaining a job before I actually leave for Canada, is there some sort of website I can access that helps/directs me in the right direction? The (Whistler) bike park after a thorough search didn't seem to...