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    Shipping a new bike

    Ok I want to freight a bike from Brisbane(bike shop) to Sydney (residential). Any recommendations of businesses that do this. Yes I have searched .Pack and send is all I can come up with, Any one done this lately in covid times. I'm thinking it might take longer and cost more?
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    Personal Locator Beacon

    Ok I did a search and came up with a post from 2013 . Things have changed since 2013. So i am looking to get a PLB. Does anyone have/use one ? Do they stand up to MTB abuse? seeing as the battery can last 10 years now. Here is a link to some I am looking at...
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    Royal National Park Management plan. Have your say

    There is a discussion paper on the MTB side to it. http://
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    New MTB trails open in Tassie

    In this day and age when it is getting difficult to get land managers on side it is good to see the Dorset Council general manager not only fully supporting these new trails but actually out there riding them...
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    Ride the best of Tassie's North East

    Here is the new website for what is happening with Mtbing in North East Tasmania.Looking good I have to say.
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    More good news from Tassie This area is just the best riding terrain in OZ.
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    Tasmania trail building

    Thought I might post this good news " Hollybank Mountain Bike Trail - Short Listing - Skills Delivery Expression of Interest The North Eastern Mountain Bike Development Project is the development of 90kms of world-class mountain biking experience and trail infrastructure. This development...