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    FOUND Found : Sunnies, Lysterfield

    I found some sunnies on the road out of the main Lysty gate this arvo. They didn't get crushed by a car luckily. If they're yours PM me what they look like and we can sort out getting them back to you.
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    Valparaiso on 7.

    I'm shocked, 7 did a story on bikes and it wasn't about fighting with car drivers....
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    Can you recommend me a good saddle bag?

    I searched and couldn't find a thread on saddle bags, so forgive me if I missed one. In the last 2 years I've destroyed 3 saddle bags and lost various bag contents due to the zip coming undone or the bag falling apart. I had 2 of these that literally fell apart at the seams. I also had...
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    RIP: My Giant 29er

    Born: 29th Jan 2010 Died: 15th August 2010 Age: Too young :( After a short yet fun filled life of XC racing, Dirt Crits and belting around the local trails, my Giant XTC 29-1 has died. Her undoing was a short but painful battle with tree at around 35kph during yesterdays CTS-3 race. She...
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    Now this is what you need for your daily commute :)
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    VIC SOLD 2009 Malvern Star XCS 5.0 with Deore + Juicy 3's.

    Item: 2009 Malvern Star XCS 5.0 Location: Melbourne, Glen Waverley. Prefer local pickup but could send at buyers expense. Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: Got a new Bike. Price and price conditions: $500 neg, Extra Info: Only 1 year old, done around 2,000k's and always...