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  1. notb4dinner

    Shipping bikes - seller won't box it up

    I've bought a second-hand bike on eBay and despite saying it could be picked up by a courier the seller is not willing to box it up for shipping. Has anyone had any experience with having shipping companies package bikes for delivery? Any recommendations on a company before I start...
  2. notb4dinner

    RS 32mm Solo Air Servicing - Which o-ring in negative air piston?

    Did an air spring service on my Recon Gold last week and lost track of which o-ring I removed from the bottom of the negative air piston. There are two o-rings in the service kit of the same diameter but different thickness that would fit but if I install the thinner of the two it seems like...
  3. notb4dinner

    Bush Camping - Bright, Mt Beauty, Falls Creek area

    Doing a bit of a solo road trip to Victoria over Easter since the rest of the family's going to be overseas. Can anyone recommend bush camping sites in the area around Bright, Mt Beauty or Falls Creek? Thinking I'll probably pop the tent up in one spot for a few days then hit a few different...
  4. notb4dinner

    Sources for Shimano Small Parts

    Recently broke the small alloy I-Spec II bracket on a shifter and ended up buying a complete new shifter because I couldn't source the bracket at reasonable cost/within a reasonable time frame. I've now lost the bottom cover to my LH SLX shifter (MPN: Y06N98020, ref...
  5. notb4dinner


    SOLD Sold to Futile for $500. Enjoy mate. SOLD Item: Ol' Skool Turner DHR Location:Gold Coast, QLD. Pickup only, can arrange for delivery to GC or Brissy Southside. Item Condition:Very good. A lot of near new parts. Paint job is a bit rough in places. Rear rim has small dent in...
  6. notb4dinner

    QLD SOLD: Beater Norco 250 w/ Redline Cranks - $30

    SOLD: Norco 250 Frame with Redline Cranks/BB, sealed bearing headset and seatpost. Location:Gold Coast, QLD. Pickup only, can arrange for delivery to GC or Brissy Southside. Item Condition:Rough as! Very scratched paint, some small dents and a fair bit of surface rust. Reason for...
  7. notb4dinner

    STOLEN QLD - Stolen From Illinbah Ride Day

    Bike: Giant XTC2 (2005 Model, 19" Frame) Bike Colour: Black and Silver Frame, White Forks, Black Rims Specs: Rock Shox Psylo Forks (White w/Compression + Travel Adjusters) Skinny Specialized Fatboy Slicks Sun RhynoLite Rims (Black) SRAM X-7 Front + Rear Derailleurs SRAM X-9 Shifters...
  8. notb4dinner

    26" Velocity Deep V

    What: 26" Velocity Deep V Rim Willing to Pay: Open to negotiation. Location: Gold Coast, QLD Extra Info: I'm after a 26" Velocity Deep V rim (or a wheel built with the same), preferably grey ano, in working condition.
  9. notb4dinner

    Hope M4 #8 Front (Half Caliper to Full Set)

    What: Hope M4 (Not Mono) #8 Front Half Caliper Price range/Willing to Pay: Let me know what you're after (keeping in mind that complete sets can be had pretty cheaply these days). Location: Gold Coast, willing to pay postage. Extra Info: I'm really after just the half caliper, however for the...
  10. notb4dinner

    Any Gold Coast Riders Willing To Show Me Around?

    I'm going to be moving up to the Gold Coast for work in a couple of weeks and I'm just wondering if any riders in the area would be willing to show me around some of the local riding spots once I get there? I'm up for pretty much any riding (DH/XC/DJ/Street) although my DJ and Street skills...
  11. notb4dinner

    An Open Letter To Crumpler

    ... or more specifically the guy/girl/person of indeterminate sex who is responsible for the Crumpler website. I want to marry you and have your babies. That is all. Love, matt.
  12. notb4dinner

    Travel Insurance

    I'm currently planning an overseas cycle tour and I'm having trouble finding a travel insurance company who will give complete cover of my bike for theft or in-transit damage. Most companies have coverage for several thousand dollars per item for electronics but only around $500 for any other...
  13. notb4dinner

    Killer Dolphins on The Loose,6903,1577753,00.html $50 says they're actually sharks and they're carrying fricken lazeeers instead of darts.
  14. notb4dinner

    Recommend Some Baggy Shorts

    I'm planning to do some road touring/long XC rides at the end of the year so I've decided that after riding in shorts and t-shirts for near on 10 years it's time I buy myself some proper riding gear. Choosing jersey's has been fairly easy, however I'm aware that a poorly designed short could...
  15. notb4dinner

    Problem With Ad System and Tabbed Browsing

    I've just noticed that if I open, for example, two threads at once then click on an ad in the first thread I opened I actually get directed to the web page for the ad in the second thread. Despite being a bit annoying, I can't imagine advertisers would be too happy with this happening. (I'm...
  16. notb4dinner

    Manitou Skareb Air Pressures

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a manual or something that specifies the recommended range of air pressures for a 2005 Manitou Skareb? I can't seem to find them anywhere.
  17. notb4dinner

    Broken Article Layout in Mozilla

    When viewing articles in Mozilla 1.6 (and I assume relatively modern versions of Netscape as well) this is what it looks like: It's been like that for a while, but I've only just got around to taking a screen shot. Not a biggy, just a bit annoying.
  18. notb4dinner

    Informing Posters of Deleted Threads

    It looks like a thread I posted has been deleted and I'm a little uncertain why. Perhaps in the future it would be a good idea to inform the original poster when and why a thread has been deleted. At least that way the poster knows what they've done wrong and can avoid it in the future.
  19. notb4dinner

    How do you connect to Farkin?

    Since I've seen a few people bitching about the sizes of downloads in Phat Vids I thought it might be interesting to get an idea of what sort of internet connection people are using.
  20. notb4dinner

    Broken Marzocchis

    I'm after a pair of lowers to suit a 2001 Marzocchi Z5 with 130mm of travel. I think lowers from other year model forks with 30mm stanchions (ie not recent model DJ's) and 130mm travel should work as well. The critical dimensions are: Stanchions diameter - 30mm. Distance between stanchions...