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    My new SX

    yep this my new SX. not totally new but its still cool. havnt been able to ride her much to much rain and being sick lately which is isn't good.oh well study week next week. so thats good. have a look.
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    i need a rear shox.....

    yes i need one ...... 200mm eye to eye and 2in shaft not really bothered with the brand but $150-250 is all i could pay cheers i hope you can help me.. frank oh yeah it needs to be a coil over.thanks.
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    i hit 81 km/h today

    yep i sure did i wasn't on the dirt but the hill was still steep.would have been faster but there was a head wind blowing so that kind of slowed me down. so what have you done?
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    the resin dogs ,DNO amping up those hip hop shows

    yep i just saw the resin dog they played with the chanel V bus and they went sick. it's great the way the resin dogs get given 4 or 5 songs to do yet can bust it out for about 40mins on just them songs. oh there great. so i tels you all go see them when they are touring there going around the...
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    i was standing in the rain last nite......

    but it was all for a good reason. to see the cat empire. holy shit they are was at the beach hotel in byron and there were over a thousand people there and there had to shut it off cause there were still 500 people out side trying to get in(it was free after all). yeah there no real...
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    whats the advantage of this

    on this bike he has the top crown turned upside down and then put back on. is there a strenght issue here or is it so that the crowns don't hit the frame.back in 2001 i saw a guy that had 2 top crowns on his dorandos but this is a little differant. your thoughts...
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    do shox spring get softer with age

    yeah thats what i wanted to no. cause the spring that ive got on my bike and the moment seems to have gotten softer , but just in the last few months. but the spring i had before that( 800 one my current is 700) never go the stitest bit softer. and i try not to make a habbit of ajusting the...
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    tape lost at mt beauty

    yeah dylan from mudcows lost a tape of alot of his footage just as final run for the pro men finished. it was on the hill just above the finish arch. if you picked it up or you know somone that did can you PM me and i'll get dylan in contact with you... cheers. frank bailey
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    pic of me riding.....

    yeah this is me at the ballina dirt jumps. but it's on a berm as you can see.
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    pics from my local...(sorry it's not a pub)

    yeah this is my local ,but not the one down the back of my house.
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    chillin back yard DH style yeah back yard dh tracks, i just love them.what do ya think...
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    ya know what sucks.......

    color bones suck i broke mine this arvo at fellcreg. and now im off work for who knows how long and i need money to fixs whats bike that is. some dude think his name was tom said that it was one hardcore crash.........well i aim to please. and beaudesert hospital is the most fast...
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    DH frames.....

    this is a dumb question. i want some ideas for cheap DH frames. what frame kits do ya know of with shox as well and how much they are. any ideas. cool.....
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    my bighit.......

    yep this is my bighit. the other bikes in the back ground are not mine . well the...
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    who raced at D'agellar.

    yeah 4 us that wornt there what was the track like whos got pics. and did the water go down well(farkin boys).
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    shouldn't we all be at work

    well it's no like it's a public holiday and there are like 20 of us on here.
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    gold coast club DH race

    everyone has to be at cabarita on the 25th of may(next sunday) for the club dh race. practice is from 930 to 1130 and racing some time after that.mtba or day lic the usual stuff. go to the gold coast site for info. think thats it.
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    DH racing on the gold coast

    yes and it's about time that there was some dh on the gold coast again. the firest race is on the 25th of may and it's at good old magpie creek on the western side of tambourine. they are trying to have races once a mounth i think wich is good to hear. hit up there websit e for more stuff...
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    4x on weekend

    when dose this thing kick off. is it like stupid early or in the avro.
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    clips vs flats

    i just wanted to no what kind of numbers for each. that kind of thing.also what model you use. and don't go on about why each is better then the other