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    Contador Pinged - One Year Ban Entire cycling world in shock at the news that Alberto Contador uses performance enhancing drugs. :rolleyes:
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    Mick Hannah Helmet Cam - US Open 2010
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    QLD Sarsha's Slalom - Yet more short notice events shenanigans!

    Sarsha Huntington is a girl. A girl who is fast at riding bikes. A girl who is faster than you at riding bikes. What's that? 'Bollocks!' I hear you say? Well then, better race her. Luckily, you'll get your chance to race to head-to-head with Sarsha right here and, in addition to making...
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    QLD Ramp Attak Brisbane - Trial MTB Session

    We shall make this one short and sweet. Brisbane has a new indoor skatepark facility called Ramp Attak that has a foam pit and a bunch of ramps. Currently they don't allow mountain bikes to ride the place but could be persuaded to change their minds if enough riders show interest...
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    Anthill Films - Follow Me; Geoff Gulevich Profile
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    Change! Horrible, insufferable change!

    As you may have noticed a horrible tragedy has befallen us this festive season, turning what should be a joyous and wonderful occasion into a ceaseless cesspool of human misery and despair. That's right; the colour scheme and layout of the forum has changed slightly. May the Lord have mercy...
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    VIC VSS Round 2 - Yackandandah Results

    We've gone to great lengths lately to avoid posting race news from anywhere other than Queensland. Unfortunately that tenacious little punk Patto somehow managed to slip this into my Inbox, thereby ruining everything. Patto writes; "Just this weekend gone, round Two of the Victorian State...
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    This is why you should really be hooking up a kid called Lewis Nolan
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    Maribor - Bike Park Pohorje Gondola Collapses

    Stolen from Dirtmag... So, if you've been to Maribor you've no doubt ridden the red gondola, almost certainly commented on its very visible dodginess and maybe even had a quiet, nervous chuckle about what might go wrong. Looks like it went wrong. Very very wrong. Happened nearly 3 weeks...
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    World Cup World Cup #6 - 4X Results - Mt Ste Anne

    I'd like to be the first to introduce (and congratulate) your 2009 4X World Cup Champion...Jared Graves! YYYYYEEEEEEEUUUUUWWWWW! Ahem. Yes. So. 4X this afternoon in Mt Ste Anne and Toowoomba's favourite son Jared Graves took the win and (by my calculations at least) sewed up the Elite Mens...
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    World Cup World Cup #6 - DH Results - Mt Ste Anne

    <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="450" height="322" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed> Big news for Aussie racing fans, as Sam Hill put together the perfect weekend with wins in both qualifying and the finals and...
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    What happened to the Collective?

    Well, one of them left so they changed their name to Anthill Films. They're making a new film called Follow Me and it will be out in the (Northern) Spring of 2010. Here's the first teaser/trailer/interview from Follow Me, get on it.
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    Try to break - Soon!, those fine purveyors of MTB racing on the internet are running a 'live' test of their servers and infrastructure ahead of the La Bresse World Cup to try and iron out any bugs they may be having. Knowing full well that there are frequently issues with their coverage in...
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    Imagine a world...

    Where you 20" riders weren't treated like the red-headed step children of Farkin/Rotorburn. Well, the name change isn't all that's going on, we're revamping other stuff as well behind the scenes. If we were to embrace the BMX users a little more, what would you guys want to see? Note the IF and...
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    So, you want a poll on the new name hey?

    Seriously, all you whingers out there who are all "Well, I certainly wasn't consulted on this matter and for that, I am outraged!" here's the poll you demanded. Enjoy the free and transparent expression of your will in this otherwise vicious and callous dictatorship. Be careful just which option...
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    Ever wanted to ride Bhutan?

    Me neither! Then Zoe sent me this email... Now, I'm not really in the habit of just chucking up any old press release that graces my inbox, so the fact that this is even getting space on the site should give an indicator of how cool an opportunity this looks to be; 10 day all inclusive and...
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    R.I.P. - Ed Bonnin

    Tragically, we've received news of the passing of Tasmanian rider Ed Bonnin. Not only a good bloke but an outstanding young talent, Ed was supported by BlkMrkt bikes. Our scene will be poorer for having lost him. Rest In Peace Ed. Please click through to this thread if you'd like to leave a...
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    Photo A Day - 13/12/08

    Hey guys, here's my photos. Happy with these overall, with the exception of the riding photo they were all shot on a 7MP Canon Ixus point and shoot camera. Photo 1 - Riding Laurie Dinham at Schladming. Photo 2 - Black and White Whooooaaaa dude. Trippy Photo 3 - Street The...
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    AUS National DH#2 - Illinbah Results

    With heavy rain the night before, the Illinbah national came down to taming the beast that was the tree section; a crazy combination of off camber roots in the worst places imaginable, rocks of doom and more mud than you can throw at your neighbors cat. In the end Kovarik re-stamped his...
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    QLD Brisbane - Gap Creek Trails CLOSED

    So apparently it got a bit windy in Brisbane the other night? Anyway, Oppy has some news on the Gap Creek trails in the wake of the epic storm; ___________________________________ Hi Everyone, I have been asked to tell riders that it is not currently considered safe to be out riding at...