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    QLD Manitou Mattoc Pro

    Item: Manitou Mattoc Pro Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Near new Reason for selling: No need Price and price conditions: 300 Extra Info: Message 0400578301 for more info Pictures: Yes
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    QLD Santa Cruz Heckler medium 26”

    Item: Santa Cruz Hecker, medium 26” Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: New bike Price and price conditions: 1300 Extra Info: Message 0400578301 for more info. Pictures:
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    Item: leaf dj bike Location: brisbane Item Condition: good Reason for selling: injury, cant ride Price and price conditions: 800 ono need fast sale. will post at buyers expenseprice drop $600 Extra Info: bike works perfectly. very light. great to ride. also have a pair of white ns...
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    This bike is solddddd
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    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Location: Brisbane Item Condition: good, usual shuttle marks Reason for selling: never gets used Price and price conditions: 2200, buyer pays postage Extra Info: hasnt been ridden in 4 months specs: Tyres: Maxxis Minions, 2.7...
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    directions to dayboro??????

    I have ridden a few tracks in Brisbane and not Dayboro yet and hear its pretty good was wondering if anyone could PM me direction there? or even meet up for a ride there one day. cheers
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    SOLD!!! please delete

    Item: 2006 GTit1 SOLD!
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    2006 GTit1 SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Item: 2006 GTit1 sold..... Location: brisbane Item Condition: perfect, hardly ridden Reason for selling: something different Price and price conditions: 1500 ono..... now 1300 Extra Info: comes with rear wheel, dhx 5, seat and seat post Pictures: yep, better quality ones on request...
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    sold! please delete
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    Stinky Supreme

    Dont worry i haven't ridden it yet, just wanting to know peoples thoughts on the whole boxxers on a kona thing...
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    dirt jump ride

    hey planning to go for a dirt jump ride out at beenleigh and possibly some other places on tuesday the 3rd of october (3/10/06) if any one is keen feel free to come along and hopefully it should be a good day. pm me to organise meeting place or for more info. cheers josh
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    Castle Hill Closed?

    Today i saw what appears to be an auction, of the land where the DH track in ipswich is located. The auction is said to be held this Saturday and may sadly be the end of catle hill (even though the worst Dh track in the seq area). Myself and some mates where going to head out there tomorow...
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    SOLD 03 Marzocchi dirt jumper 1, quick sale $170 ono

    Item: 2003 Marzocchi dirt jumper 1's, black lowers Location: Brisbane Condition: Excellent working order, replaced seals 2 months ago little use sinse , a couple scratches on the lowers. Reason for selling: Not needed Price and conditions: $185 postage paid. Extra info: Use for 20mm hub...
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    Hardtail or Duallie

    Hi to all! I was just wondering wheather how much more enjoyable riding DH on a dual suspension bike is, compared to a hard tail, as i have never try'ed it. I'm currently riding an 06 Sasquatch with a few decent upgrades like 66's ect. So with DH being my passion, i want to enjoy my time riding...
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    help me!

    Hi to all, just recently i purchased a brand new set of 06 66 vfs from a guy off farkin. And the external compression adjustment isnt functioning, meaning it wont move even a mm. if anyone has any sugestions or the answer to my problem it would be much appreciated. cheers!