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    VIC Sold please remove!

    Sold please remove
  2. harry13

    VIC Sold

    Item: 2008 Norco 250. Location: Sale VICTORIA. Item Condition: Great. Bike always well maintained. Normal Wear/Scratch and Paint marks of any DJ bike. Reason for selling: Moving to Europe. :( Love this bike. Need the money. Price and price conditions: $500.00 ONO. Throw me an offer! NEEDS...
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    VIC Sold

    Sold. Please Delete.
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    VIC Rear Hub/Wheel. 10 or 9mm Axle. DJ and Street!

    Item: Rear Hub/Wheel. 10 or 9mm Axle. DJ and Street! Location: Sale, Victoria. Near Melbourne. Price: Willing to pay $$$ Extra Info: Message me brand, condition and any other info! Cheers! Need Posted to Melbourne.
  5. harry13

    VIC 26" 36H Street/Park/DJ/FR Rim.

    Item: 26" 36H Street/Park/DJ/FR Rim. Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: You tell me. Extra : Just need a half descent rim for Park/DJ/Street and even FR. Seems 36H are hard to come across at the moment. Tell me as much as you can.
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    VIC Found

    Item: Rear COIL shock, Any brand 7.85 x 2.25 Location: Melbourne Price range/willing to pay: $130 Extra Info: Prefer descent quality shock still plush and A1 mechanically working. Can be older year shocks.
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    VIC Sold

    **Sold** Please Remove
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    any one selling a DSLR??

    hey, im gonna start photography and ive been looking at cameras but i really dont wanna save up all that money on a new one. im looking for one about 350-450 kinda price range. i dont really know what type im looking for anything really but yeh. and maybe fish eye lense for cheap?? cheers.
  9. harry13

    Harry sloan photography

    hey. ok, basicaly i went on a day trip to a skate park with a few bmx mates (i ride DH) and i went with them to take photos, ive never done photography before and i though id give it a go. most of the pictures turned out good i reckon for a first timer. i edited a few and here they are.(first...
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    Tracks in ACT?!

    hey, i was going to post this in the watering hole ACT but there hasnt been any posts there for over 30 days so i figured no one really looks there. anyway, i live in sale, victoria and i have cousins up just outside of canberra, and i go up there a fair bit and i was wondering if anyone...
  11. harry13

    New wheelset?!?!?

    hey, today my deemax rear hub stuffed up and i was wondering what new wheelset i should get, i dont want new deemax becuse of the price and all, but im hoping to get them by next weekend (barjarg). so i wont be albe to order them from canada or anything. my price range sint mega high, and i...
  12. harry13

    DEEMAX. neww wheels. what should i do

    hey, ive got deemax on my bike and the backwheel is rooted, and its going to cost me $450 to repair so iwas wondering what i should do. im hopfully going to long gully this weekend so i need a wheel quick. options.... 1. Just put the new axel in (i snapped the old one) and just race long...
  13. harry13

    FIRE CRACKERS..melbz

    hey, does anyone know where to buy fire works and fire crackers in footscray? PM me if you do. cheers.:D:D
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    **dj frame and parts**

    Hey, im looking at building up a new DJ bike, without spending that much money. Im looking for a second hand frame, but ill try and buy as many new parts as possible, but if you have any good condition parts please let me know, but the reason for this thread is just the frame, i jsut thought id...
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    World cup in stromlo!!

    hey, me and my dad are thinking about going but we dont know wether to stay sunday night as well and leave on monday of leave straight afterwards.(we live 7hours drive away from there). does anybody know what time that the racing is set to finish on the sunday? cause we gotta let our...
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    Portable kicker and downramp

    Hey guys, I live in town and the closest jumps are on the other side of town and the kid who owns them is moving soon. So i was thinking about building a wooden medium sorta sized kicker and downramp that i can move around, possibly in the drive way (i have a largish backyard that runs into...
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    66's......will my hardtail snap?

    hey i have been looking at set of 66's and ive only recently been told that they will snap my frame (they are 170mm). i have an STP2. and i was wondering what other people think about it? Thanks.
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    hey im looking at a set of 66's for my hard-tail and i was wondering if they will be any good at all for DJs aswel as DH?
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    Downhill Track

    Hey, Im looking for a hill (or mountain) to build a downhill track on, if anyone has any ideas on where a good place would be please help me out. I live in sale and i need a place near the sale-bairnsdale sorta area. If anyone has any ideas on what to put on the track tell me, show some pics...
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    the bike is SOLD